The Iranian Crisis

Iran have tonight fired numerous missiles at several US bases in Iraq.

And another wave…

Very troubling times…

Feels like a weak punch from Iran tbh, I guess they have to save face with some kind of overt “revenge”. I think the damage assessment of the bases will be quite light when everything is said and done

Issues is how and when will Trump respond? Have to say this is the first time I’ve felt quite nervous about the situation and the coming days. Trump hasn’t got the temperament or intelligence to handle his self made crisis. Things can get very ugly very quickly particularly if Trump feels he needs to make an “example” of Iran



A lot of conflicting reports. I hope everyone just calms down.


Yeah, a lot of fake news going around in times like these. I’ll leave the tweets up for reference.


There was suggestion going around earlier that this was a face-saving exercise by Iran and that they warned Washington DC beforehand about these strikes through various third-party channels in order for them to withdraw their troops from the bases.

But wouldn’t that then make the US look weak if they didn’t retaliate further?

Who knows.

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Might have just started.

Iran’s bombed a u.s airbase in Iraq.

Discuss… update…

nah, Iran doesnt have the capacity to start a world war, us will just obliterate them if they start messing around too much.

A large scale conventional war hasn’t been fought since WW2. Iran doesn’t need to equal the power of the United States, it just needs to mobilize its allies against it. The orange monstrosity is making that an easy task as American popularity around the world is reaching record lows.

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Too much skin in the game for everyone (& especially large corporation) to get into a world war.

But yeah concerning.

This obviously won’t cause WW3. To suggest it would is pure hyperbole.

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What about those that profit from it? The US military industrial complex loves this stuff

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President Doofus speaks.

Watched the Simpsons the other day and apparently we win WW3 for the Americans ?


There’ll be a lot of fake news in the coming days, that alone leads me to believe this won’t end soon, having a fool as one of the belligerents doesn’t help either.


Nah. Iran have shown their “courage” by retaliating but the US didn’t have any casualties and their hit on Soleimani was way more of a success than Iran’s attack.

Everyone and their mum knows the US could wipe out Tehran so no one will think US looks weak and Iran got their own back so to speak (without actually pissing off the US) so this will probably be the end of it.

You’d hope so. The worry is with Trump wanting a distraction and turning it into a pissing contest.