The greatest "front 3" ever poll


Even though I voted for MSN I probably would have for the three R’s if it was R9 pre-injuries and not post.


Unfortunately them three all seemingly peaked at different times too. Would’ve been extraordinary otherwise, perhaps better than the MSN


Yeah I think R9 circa 1998, Rivaldo in 2000-02 and Ronaldinho in 04-07 would have been the most outrageous combination of talent.


Don’t forget Adriano 2004-06!

A quad of greats!


Was just about to say that. Bit of an age/peak gap between Ronaldo/Rivaldo on one side and Ronaldinho on the other.

I’m curious about the Ma-Gi-Ca tridente from Napoli which won them a double in 86/87. From the stories they should trump a lot of trios mentioned in the poll.


Best front three to watch everyweek would be prime messi, ronaldo9, ronaldinho. Imagine the magic that would happen every game.


That’s another good one I missed out. Everything on there was basically off head and it’s a shame I can’t retrospectively adjust polls without it resetting the results.


Maybe I’m biased a bit but I really don’t think Suarez/Neymar > Eto’o/Ronaldinho. Obviously the numbers are by far in favour of the former, but Ronaldinho reached a higher peak as footballer than both of those players did. It just didn’t coinceded with Messi’s.


Hmm I’d tend to agree I think. But then it’s easy to underestimate how good Suarez is/has been. It’s probably fair to say that’s he’s been better than Eto’o overall


I think a Suarez/Eto’o debate is a very tough one to bad. I think Eto’o body of work at Barcelona and Inter is just as impressive as Suarez peak at Barcelona but I guess from a numbers perspective Suarez wins.

Really tough though. I think at his peak Eto’o was a world class striker and a real team player, much like Suarez is.


I think Eto’o plus 'Dinho beats Suarez and Neymar, but that’s not particularly because I rate Eto’o over Suarez


I didn’t know that Benitez was very close to signing Eto’o at Valencia in the close season after they’d won the league (2004). The board didn’t want him, though, which was one of the reasons that led Rafa to depart for Anfield.

A lot like Arsenal, Valencia didn’t strengthen after becoming champions in 2004. Cost them dearly


Yep I’d go with that too! It may just be me but Eto’o alongside Villa are so rarely mentioned as great 21st century players. It’s also impressive how he performed during 2008/09 after being given an ultimatum by pep. Just a shame ronaldinho had lost all focus and drive

@DavidHillier wasn’t Eto’o at Madrid’s academy or senior team and he was pretty much discarded before he went to Mallorca?


Looking at those numbers it seems that Suarez had one season in 15/16 where he had 40 goals which increased his average in comparison. In other seasons both got 25-30 goals in La Liga, consistently.

It might also be partially a stylistic preference. Suarez is such a fumbler and Eto’o seemed to have a more polished style.


Hmmm, not sure matey. Tbh, it was only in a tabloid I was reading the other day. The i. Normally I trust the veracity of the i, but it may be bullshit


Even when he was older and way past his very best, I so desperately wanted Wenger to sign Villa when we were linked for a while. Love him


Puskas, Kocsis and Hidegkuti for me. Immense in their prime.