The Graham Norton Show


Is back tonight! :slight_smile:


Very good set of guests for the first show!


Robin & some other people on the sofa tonight.



@Persona /doc I’ve loved the graham norton show for years, I used to sometimes watch it with my nan but do you like the way the 3rd and 4th guest are always treated? they don’t really get as much attention as the other 2 guests, if you get what I mean?


For me TGNS is the best chat show going atm. In the UK or the States. The third guest is usually a British comedian or something with a couple international stars. Most will be tuning in for the big star but I do enjoy the comic relief from an actual comedian on there. The back and forth between the comedians and the other guests sometimes produce great results. :smiley:

Sometimes don’t like it when a musician who might be of interest to me is only given a 1 min chat at the end followed by the Red Chair stories. But that’s not usually a problem for me.


I don’t watch any of the american chat shows so yeah for me Graham Norton is the best one, I like how quick he is and just funny, even when he sometimes gets a boring guest on he can always get the best out of them. I like alan carr chatty man as well but I prefer all of the guests being out at the same time rather then 1 by 1


He’s baaaack. Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Reese Witherspoon and Margot Robbie.


Conan is more funny. Graham remains a better interviewer.