The Get a Room Award 2017



Free holiday and £50,000 prize? Sure, i’ll do it.

Though i’m sensing that Luca would rather be there with you :grin:


You are a girl and are funny and gentle, while he is a cowherd from Scotland who drinks beer all the time. No thanks to @Calum!




On the board, you irish coffee man :xhaka:


I was gonna say this aswell but thought I’d said enough :joy: Where you actually serious with that already gotten a room post @Phoebica ?! :thinking:


Look, whatever you’re into. Just as long as she’s into it too.


@Calum has a private room with @Persona.


A Scot & an Englishman?


Why not?


Cos Scots are angus bastarts. Innit. :sunglasses:


Look at gunning trying to quickly change the subject :wink:


Stop breaking my balls, you rotten beer :wink:


Luca does need to improve his pick up lines