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No doubt one of the law firms that love to pursue British soldiers will be willing to take up Shamima case pro bono


She’d probably get about 5 years for joining a proscribed terrorist organisation. Beyond that I doubt there would be much evidence. It’s definitely a tricky one. Until you can adequately rewrite the law the best option is seek jail time, rehabilitate and monitor the shit out of her. And of course, what about her 1 week old kid now stateless.

Perhaps Javid was shitting his pants over the possible return of 360 odd ex Isis fighters that Trump will be returning us. But overriding international law is not a good idea IMO.



Largely agree with @JakeyBoy and others on this one, although I don’t enjoy defending her right ti come back here. At the end of the day we are a nation that was successfully built on law and order, if we are now going to out source that the whole principle vanishes. She is a reprehensible woman but if the evidence is sufficient (obviously is) then our courts can go about prosecuting her justly.

Regardless of my position I don’t give a crap about her, I’m just worried by the precedent it may set in the future.

@sevchenko first thing that came into my head when I saw her family was going to appeal was that some law firm is going to have a lucky day :grin:


Bangladesh don’t want her either. They say she doesn’t have dual nationality.

“Bangladesh asserts that Ms Shamima Begum is not a Bangladeshi citizen. She is a British citizen by birth and never applied for dual nationality with Bangladesh … There is no question of her being allowed to enter into Bangladesh.”

So what happens now? She’s stateless. Though I guess we’ll be forced to take her.


Begum’s lawyer is a member of Cage, which seems certain to have heavy links to extremism.


The decision was made on the premise she is still eligible for a citizenship of another state. Don’t believe for one second that’ll stand in court so it’ll be a victory for her over the british government.


The financial burden on the state could be something else. Prison first, rehab, potentially a false identity on release.

They stripped the “Beatles duo” (ISIS terrorists originating from Britain) of their citizenship. They ought to follow suit and do it with her, too. It’s not unprecedented


I don’t understand the argument.

I may be incorrect as I can’t actually see it definitively written anywhere but what I’m piecing together is we’re not allowed to make her stateless, and because she may qualify for citizenship in Bangladesh, we’re going to remove her citizenship and therefore force them to give it to her?

I’m sure I must have missed something because if not then that is absolutely pathetic.


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