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Has been refused citizenship in the uk (well stripped of it ) for now it seems unless they have a successful appeal


Fair, she seems pretty callous about the whole affair.

I’m sure she can play an fruitful role in helping rebuild her newly adopted home country.


She is a clever fucker and clearly has her own agenda and playing it to the max so far. Still think she will get back. Tbh you really need to bleed dry all the information you can out of these people.


Not that clever. Otherwise she would never have gone in the first place.


She will be fine.
She will open a YouTube account, vlog around middle East and live a celebrity life.


If she was clever she’d have feigned a little remorse. That’s the bit that makes it impossible to accept her.


What’s disturbing is her complete nonchalance. She’s either been severely traumatised and now mentality ill or wasn’t really exposed to the worse elements of ISIS


We shouldn’t revoke her citizenship and we should bring her back here. She’s a British citizen and was raised and radicalised here, she’s our responsibility, we shouldn’t just leave her stateless to potentially be a threat to others. She’s unrepentant and still a threat, bring her back, find out all the useful info we can about who radicalised her and anyone else who may be a threat and stick her in jail for twenty five years. She was an willing member of a murderous group of terrorists and still would be if they hadn’t basically been obliterated. She was unfazed by chopped off heads in bins and still backs that ideology, shes dangerous and should face the consequences.

People are quick to bang the deportation drum, “send 'em back where they came from”, well it works both ways. Bangladesh didn’t ask for her, they didn’t create her, why should she end up there? Same goes for Syria, why should they have to deal with foreign born terrorists who came to their country a couple years ago to wreak havoc? If a foreign terrorist moved to England willingly a couple years ago and Syria or some other middle eastern nation revoked their citizenship and basically told us to fuck off and deal with it, we’d be absolutely raging.

Her kid is innocent too, get them in a decent home and give them a fair shot at life, the little one doesn’t deserve this fate.


Can’t she just stay in Syria? :thinking:


If a Syrian terrorist came here four years and Syrians were saying, “can’t she just stay in Britain?”, what would your reaction be?

I bet it wouldn’t be “yup, fair enough, we’ll keep her, that sounds appropriate”


The thing is she showed no remorse at all and almost sounded like a sociopath. The government decided to avoid the backlash and revoked it


I understand thst the message being sent is, “join a foreign terrorist organisation and you will be treated in an appropriately harsh manner”, and I don’t disagree with taking strong measures to deter people from doing it. I have basically no sympathy for her.

But I dont think this is the way to go about it. This is cowardly, just making her stateless and saying she’s someone else’s problem now. We wouldn’t tolerate that in reverse, we’d expect to be able to send her back to where she came from four years ago. She should be brought back and face the harsh realities of British law, and we should ensure the innocent child is safe and that she doesn’t have the chance to pose a further danger. Id also have thought there’s a lot of useful intelligence we coukd get from her, that hopefully could lead to us being able to prosecute others and stop them posing a threat.

Just my layman’s opinion, it’s a complex issue for sure. I just dont think this is the right approach.


What crimes under British or international law do you think she could be charged and or successfully prosecuted for?

The intelligence angle is thin too. Doubt she has anything other than meaningless information to offer. You can be sure her devices/online presence have been thoroughly examined at this stage.

Its a pandering move but the right one. Better to adopt a hard approach then soften based on each individual case.


Javid took the easy, cowardly route.


Fair enough on the intel angle perhaps.

I specifically used the term “layman” to describe myself, I don’t know enough about the law to cite particular bits of legislation. But I’d be surprised if there was nothing that said you’re not allowed to actually join and support a bunch of murdering terrorists. If we have nothing on our statute books, then that’s fucked up. I find it hard to see how it is totally legal to join a group like ISIS.

Nothing in my posts suggests being “soft” on her either. (edit: think I misread your last sentence)


No the goverment have took the easy view that looks good to the popular outrage. Its a PR win but I think she will be happy now because it gets dragged through the courts and she can get more air time to promote herself and beliefs.
Dont think you can or should underestimate what the security forces and others could learn from her.
Child is innocent as well. Let her be dealt with accordingly by the law and kept out of society.


This I agree with they took the easy route rather than look Ike they are soft on terrorism. Either way this still has away way to go let’s see how it plays out


I think this is a decent take.

Bring her back, find out how she got to a point where she wanted to go to Syria then chuck her in jail if need be.

I can understand why the Tories did it, but taking her citizenship sets a very dodgy precedent. And that’s why she will probably win the appeal.


I’m not sure she has much ground for an appeal.


All depends on whether the Home Secretary/Government has an inherent right in law to revoke citizenship and if yes on what grounds and have those grounds been met/proven.