The General News Thread



Love these kids.

Put them in charge of the country, they’d do a better job than the current government tbh.


They’re protesting in the wrong country lol


Im glad that they are getting involved in politics, and climate change will affect their generation most. But why were the socialist worker handing out ‘Tories Out’ banners to under-16s on a climate march? Nothing like minors to get your political point across at an unrelated rally…


True, these stupid kids should pay for some fucking flights eh


This post is genius :joy::joy::joy:

how do you like the same post twice?


Brave fuckers doing this, yet not one police had the balls to do the same to that cunt Goddard who was openly threatening MPs and journalists while abusing them. Just stood by…

Truly pigs.

Public relations nightmare beginning now that they’ve been shown up as bitches Vs those yellow vest morons, I knew the second some cunt decided to get rough with one of these kids these fuckers were going down.

The fact that it will is why on some days I love living in this country.

Lol, can’t wait.


Truth is this story was fishy to anybody with half a brain when it initially came out


Not much reporting on the attack on the Karl Marx monument ive noticed. Not the right kind of a Jew worthy of reporting I suppose.


It’s had pretty wide spread international coverage, a quick google search would confirm that


Tv hasnt though.


This isn’t true either.

It’s been featured in news segments on BBC and SkyNews. Don’t expected the story to dominate time though


Well their was nothing more than a mention last night on the BBC. Dont expect it to dominate but id of expected a photograph at least.


Yeah I thought it was really strange too, especially considering it happened in Chicago which is a conservative area. And of course the police could find absolutely no evidence through any cameras of anyone with that description hanging around that area at the time. Oh and also if someone is threatening you why tf would u be out and about at 2am all alone?



Truly think this day has come, where the BBC is only a step above the tabloids in terms of shit cunt news.

Channel4, ITV, even Sky(!) Are abetter proposition. Unbelievable. You can take your licence fee, and shove it up your arse, and that’s what I’ll tell their enforcer cunt when he chaps my door.

In other news:

Personally I have very little sympathy for her. Think we should take her back, but then get punitive.

People like her gave a huge disrespect to all Muslims in the UK.



Must be huge in Scotland with you two lads. The man you need to get onside for that second referendum boys. Danny delivers.


Hah Danny Dyer for Prime Minister :wink:


Remember him for “Football Factory”. Tough lad.