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I felt like the memes are posted in such a manner than Neeson woke up one day and decided to kill black people. Without any context of the story he gave. But what at the end of the day is what he really thought to do. That’s why I said I might have misread his comments. The genocide thing was brought up because how Craigie put that he basically wanted to kill every black person. What was again something I didn’t get from the interview.


I’m going to have to give him the benefit of the doubt here.

It’s just my interpretation of course, but the fact he mentions all the stuff about race makes me think he’s acknowledging that all of it was shameful and ridiculous on his part.

  1. Its a meme, you cant fit the entire context in of why he wanted to kill a random black person. You can only find the meme funny if you already know what the context is, otherwise it makes no sense, so the context doesnt need to be included. In future I’ll only post memes that contain full transcripts.

  2. Craigie didnt make out he wanted to kill every black person. He said “anyone of that race”, not “everyone of that race”. Hence my utter bemusement at you bringing up genocide.


Got one for ya @SDGooner. It isn’t hugely funny but there’s a shitload of context, should be right up your street


I’m always hesitant to go into details with my opinions around racist events because you have to be extremely particular with your words at the peril of being misconstrued.

But what I will say is that I have no time for racists and when you take a moment to think about what he confessed to it’s pretty damn scary


Not sure if youve all seen this, surprised it hasnt been posted yet


Oh, what’s that? Did someone mention John Barnes?




I dont think that is true though Cal, there are bits he seems to get totally wrong, like below. Hes got that backwards, if you read his comments in full it very much seems like its the violence and revenge hes talking about and not the racism, whereas Barnes is saying the total opposite.

“He went on to say he was ashamed and horrified by the way he felt,” Barnes said. “He’s not ashamed and horrified at wanting to commit the act of revenge, he’s ashamed and horrified because that is what he thought about all black people.”

But I think John Barnes is very good on the topic of race and gets a lot right so often, hes always worth listening to, and there are parts of his comments I agree with

Speaking about the reaction to Neeson’s comments - with people calling for the actor to be stripped of his OBE and for a boycott on his films - Barnes said: “So let’s take down that statue of Winston Churchill… who is a white supremacist and a mass murderer.”

He continued: "How is Churchill a hero when he spoke about… he believes in gassing the lesser races. But he’s a hero. And when Liam Neeson comes out and he admits that he was wrong in what he did, whereas Winston Churchill would never admit he was wrong, never, and if he was alive now he would still believe in the superiority of the Aryan race.

:syringe: :syringe: :syringe:


Churchill was Stalin’s bitch


The Churchill comment is :fire: on it’s own it would be blasted but given he’s using it to defend Neeson, some people are going to have some real trouble making heads and tails out of it.


Exactly what I thought.


This is great :smile:



It’s not like Liam Neeson decided to jump on some innocent black guy. He was waiting for someone who would front him.
Far better than modern white guys of his country who would blow up a school or church


He went out with an offensive weapon seeking a confrontation so he could kill a black bastard. His words. That is indefensible.

If you’re going to try and stick up from him, do it from the angle of he’s seen the error of his ways and been brave enoigh to admit this. Theres an angle there if you seek it, but what you’re saying is nonsense.


I am neither sticking up for him nor criticising him.


So im wondering how come no attack took place if he was looking for a week to attack some random bloke.
Thankfully he never attacked an innocent man and this still leaves the rapist as the real cunt of the story regardless of colour.


Imagine that. Another Hollywood dickhead says/does something deplorable. White men with money, power, or a platform are the problem with the world.


In my day, I’ve had some near-death experiences with cougars myself :bellend: