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Which portrayed Neeson, unfairly, in certain light imo.

I thought we had a different thread for funny memes btw :wink:.


Yea we’re real sticklers about where people post stuff around here.


Ridiculous strawman. Who, or what meme (lol), implied he advocated genocide?


I quoted the part of the post of Craigie I reacted too.


Hence me identifying your ridiculous strawman


Some of the thoughts he expressed had strong parallels to Black injustice (Kill any black person = Lynching, identification of the culprit based purely on race = racial profiling).

The reactions seem justified to me.


In this manner basically every controversial statement about black people in context like these can be linked to past events and these comments can’t (at this point I’m convinced they shouldn’t…) really be made, period?


No, but those specific comments can be.


It’s good that Liam Neeson recognises the foolishness of seeking revenge, and is perhaps right to link it to his background, but it’s still baffling that he would seek out black men on mass, unless he was already at least somewhat racist or prone to stereotype. He didn’t even say for example that he was looking for a particular stereotype of black man, it was just ‘black bastard’ full stop. He also acknowledged the folly of revenge but said nothing about the racism in his actions.


Actually, he can say it as much as he wants, I’m not sure why you think he can’t

The problem comes in that in his quotes he didn’t make any connection to racism in his comments, only violence which he felt ‘ashamed’ of. This might be satisfactory for those who rather racism be swept under the rug, but for those of which racism is an issue it really can’t be.

It comes down to understanding racism, people showing how they’ve changed is an positive, but I don’t see any reconciliation that in his rage he was going to (potentially) commit a racial injustice based on absolutely nothing description. The very idea of that he was going to kill any black person who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time through no fault of their own is honestly really damn scary,


It’s like American History X. In real life


Herein lies the issue for me.


It was troubling that he had thought that, but when he realised that was the wrong thing to do, I thought it was over?

No need to crucify him but also no need to defend him overly much no?


He thought killing someone was the wrong thing to do but doesn’t seem to have been able to acknowledge that his racism is very serious and concerning


The irony that he played Oscar Schindler. The least racist individual in a society plagued by racism


Hmm, it obviously was so that is a bit troubling.

Doubt he will admit it though.


Racist cunt !!


Realised it was the wrong thing to do after a week. And didnt just think it, he spent a whole week trying to actually make it happen. He may not have actually done it, but there are actions here and not just thoughts.

For what its worth, I just came here to post funny memes. I think its an appalling thing, hut the fact that he voluntarily spoke about it and seems to have grown a lot since then, I’m not making efforts to castigate him and be outraged.

Still waiiting on @SDGooner to come back and explain how the meme misrepresented his comments and why he started bringing up genocide


The memes were funny lol


I found the memes funny too, I don’t even care about the guy, I was just explaining what issues people had with his comments.

Keep in mind in the U.S (& Canada) it is Black History Month now, so I’m sure the comments are going to be less receptive when Black people are recalling sacrifices made to pave their path.