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Well, that’s what you get for having a populist government that have just kept shit promises to please their supporters.


:arteta: 2006 what a guy how has he managed 12 years without them noticing


And they needed a sting to get him :slight_smile:


So, do they throw him in gaol to keep him there for longer? Odd logic if they do.


Yeah, you’re looking for something that doesn’t exist.





It wasn’t because of the skin colour that he wanted to kill someone though. As soon as colour is mentioned the blinds go on.


Really? He makes it sounds like he clarifies it was a black man first, and then goes looking for a black bastard to start a fight with him?


Its a meme not a political thesis

And you’re wrong


Also, was anyone else’s first thought when they heard this story that g4e is Liam Neeson, or just me? :mustafi:


Are you so pure of conscience that when something happens to you or someone who is close too you and you know the person has certain traits you don’t project ‘hate’ or other ill feelings towards people who have the same traits? How unjust that might be.


If Neeson says he once thought about being put in a boxing ring with the Queen then we will have him sussed


Well the meme portrays him as some Ku Klux Klan member lol.


I need to get my eyes checked cos I can’t see the hood or burning cross.

Maybe you’re right and the blinds are on.

Actually fuck that,

He literally said someone close to him was raped, he asked what colour they were, and spent a week roaming the streets with a lethal weapon trying to instigate an incident with a black bastard so he could kill them. The meme isnt even misleading, what the fuck are you complaining about lol


Not necessarily, but I’m pretty sure I’m pure enough to not want to turn that hate into wanting to basically kill anyone of that race when they’re innocent of the crime.

To clarify, I have no issue with the racism, I know that many people are racist for various reasons (especially 40 years ago), and can see why an irrational person would direct their hate at the race.

My issue is going out with a weapon with the intent of murdering someone. And not just in the heat of the moment, but for over a week.

Maybe if he knew the exact guy that did it you could understand the extremeness and anger, but not just any black man.


I can see myself doing or saying something similar in such a situation. Not that I’m proud of it, but it’s a human emotion.


I’m probably naive or I completely misread the interview, but I didn’t feel like he advocated for a genocide. I think this is my problem, but I personally feel like there is some sort of overreaction when controversial comments like these are made. He didn’t do anything, he spoke his mind and how he felt at the time.


Maybe. But on here all that’s happened is someone posted a funny Simpsons meme about it.

Which you overreacted to funny enough. :slight_smile: