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The accuracy :sweat_smile:


That’s great :joy:


That’s why classic Simpsons is the best thing around. There’s a scene for everything to summarise a real life moment perfectly :grin:


How nice of Palace to help Tottenham



You know, what with this and AOC daily roasting fools on twitter, I have a warm feeling that the forces of decency are finally learning how to combat the endless rampage of nonsense that was unencumbered the past few years. To an extent.

Hope this stays, and more browsers follow suit.


Mild cencorship by a private entity. Neat


Not really as you can still click on and read their stories.

It’s a warning that what you are reading is in all probability based on zero fact or research behind it, and is probably garbage.

But if you want you can read it anyways.

Calling out shite is not censorship.

I have long been calling out the lack of due diligence in media. How is it that 5th year high schoolers have to back up everything they say in a formal piece of work for high-school, yet highly paid journalists writing for the largest papers in the country can assert any shite based on no sources??

That’s how the anti-vaxx craze started. The Lancet never should have published such shoddy research. If they hadn’t that wouldn’t have been censorship but quality issues.

If I assert that reading books causes cancer based on one guy I know who read and got cancer, based in nothing else, it wouldn’t be censorship if no journal wanted to publish that research.


My only gripe is that they don’t include other tabloids.

It’s not censorship.


Or other newspapers in general, all of which have some inherent bias.

It’s just the Mail is particularly unsubtle about it


Bias isn’t the problem imo. Everyone has bias. Everyone is trying to make a point. Imo those that pretend to be unbiased (BBC) are really the dishonest ones, hiding their true allegiances.

What matters is that if you have high quality evidence to back your claims up.

The Mail doesnt


The day this bad cunt is locked up will be the day I feel were back heading in the right direction as a society

I mean Tony of course, not Owen who might be annoying but that doesn’t deserve prison




See all this Churchill stuff?

People in Britain are never going to turn on him. He will always be a national hero, despite some horrible shit he has done.

Which I get.

But what I don’t get is this kind of nonsense propaganda from so called ‘smart’ people:

The man who saved the Jews. The man who won World War II.

I could understand brexiteers or whoever saying that, but anyone that learned even a tiny bit of history would know that while Churchill and Britain played a part in the liberation of Nazi concentration camps, the war truly would have been lost had it not been for the US and especially, the USSR.

The Soviets I think liberated the most camps and took Berlin causing Hitler’s suicide. Contributed the most to the Allies’ victory.

But the Soviets and Stalin don’t get any such sympathies as Churchill from these ‘learned’ British pundits and media figures.

And in reaction you’ll say, ‘of course, because Stalin wasn’t British!’ and that’s my point.

All this stuff is propaganda and it pisses me off when people who claim to be above that and ‘unbiased’ and ‘fact based’ also trot it out.

But then I kind of understand, and I reiterate my point that the British propaganda machine is probably the best in the world.

Nobody does deception or subterfuge better than this island. Even the propaganda has many people maintaining the propaganda isn’t that, but actual facts and truth. It’s that sophisticated, that good.


The only brit that added something to the war effort that couldn’t be replaced by the US or USSR was Alan Turing.


How dare you butter lefty scumbag!!1!1!1!

Churchill was the best PM we ever had!!!

Still bitter about the Falklands are you Argie?! :xhaka2:


It’s the victors that write history.
When I was at school in the seventies, we were taught that the second world war was virtually won by Britain and that the Americans were only involved at the end, just to clear up the mess and take all the credit.

Saying that, when I was at school, we were taught about Noah’s ark as part of a history lesson, rather than being a fictional story.


Damn straight and don’t u forget it. When I make my way out for an Arsenal match I expect to be bought some beers for my two Grandpa’s service in winning the war for u losers.


Yeah don’t worry about the COMMONWEALTH countries that gave their all just so Churchill could be a legend ?? Churchill also had issues and was proven to be a racist as well !! Fck me they need to teach people the truth, not that shit written by victors !!


70 years of shit “MURICA SAVE YOUSE FROM SPEAKING GERMAN OR SOME SUCH” Hollywood movies completely neglecting to mention the huge part DEM GODDAMN COMMIES played (not to mention their great sacrifice) is payment enough.