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Didn’t read the article but it’s become an epidemic at least over here. Ppl trying to take a selfie on a really high ledge for the view, losing their footing, and plunging to their deaths.


Can’t organise a tv debate yet they are in charge if leaving the EU :upside_down_face:


Would have been totally pointless anyway tbf


Yeah definitely. I now see why May wants one though, she needs public support for her deal (i.e any deal) to put pressure on MPs. The format the BBcC wanted was a question time style format which would’ve atrocious.


Where’s the value in a head to head debate?


I think it’s better than audience questions. Let’s face it the withdrawal agreement isn’t really something that anyone outside of parliament or law would really grasp. It’s much better to have presenters ask detailed questions and let both sides debate that way.

Although as I say this I see much value in any debate


It’s insane how out of touch these people truly are with the rest of the world.


It is really? I’m not so sure we should expect these people to really be well-informed or aware of global affairs. For some people the ‘world’ is their direct environment. If they are already in a more struggling situation I don’t think they really have the ability to be empathetic with situations other than their own.

I feel like I can’t really find the words to express what I mean, but some people just aren’t ‘globalized’ because of education/background and things like that.

We are all programmed a certain way because of our upbringing etc. Not everybody can or wants to be ‘re-programmed’.


What I meant was a general point about politicians across the globe and how out of touch they are with the struggles their own people face. Macron is an arrogant man and someone I never warmed to.


I remember reading op-eds exclaiming that Macron would be the new leader of a liberal order in Europe. How long ago them days seem!


The OP eds would love him if course

He was always a bit of a cunt. Fair play to him, I wanted him to win so bad last time because the alternative was fascism, but make no mistake the rise of the far right is due to out of touch aristocrats like him.

Completely out of touch with the ordinary people, who now globally feel their government isn’t there for their interests any more.

I don’t blame him though tbh, the lobbying industry is so ingrained into Western governments that in their inductions as MPs, ministers etc, they get told what corporation lobby friendly policies to take when they vote or make laws.

It’s ridiculous. This needs to end or things will get a lot worse.check Alexandra Ocasio Cortez’s twitter. A lot of illuminating insights into what new Congress people go through in terms of lobbyist exposure before they even begin.




Tears on the face and a can of lager. :joy:


I remember reading various left wing op eds saying that it’s great that Macron beat a literal fascist, but that he wouldn’t heal the nation and was just prolonging that horrible conclusion.

I guess the first half half is being proven correct, now we play the waiting game


Look at this shit. Full thread.

It astounds me that you got people in media talking about science who don’t know basic shit like this.

You see health correspondents etc that are similar. What kind of qualifications do they have?

You don’t need to have a background in science, but even a couple highers/A levels in chemistry and biology should be the bare minimum if you’re writing about science surely?

And the amount of shite these unqualified morons speak about is ridiculous. All the stories talking about recent research, then you read the source paper, which has completely different conclusions to what was reported on.


This is daylight robbery.




i see what you did there :henry2:



Imagine a lame duck like Theresa May getting so under your skin so bad you mouth ‘stupid woman’ at a very public PMQ.

Corbyn is a clown