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It was the prosecutor, not the judge. A point only worth making because a judge wouldn’t be trying to sway the jury in this manner.

Yeah as I said, I’m not laying into him, I’m just describing where my mind went when I read the phrase. There could be a perfectly valid reason after all, but something about it still seems odd to me, and faintly depressing.




I think it’s because the connotations of jihad are much more negative in western society than for example crusade.

A feminist goes on a crusade, a teacher goes on a crusade for their students, students go on a crusade for their student fees etc.

A jihad however is much worse. It’s suicide bombers. It’s the taliban. It’s al qaeda. It’s 9/11, it’s 7/7, it’s Nice and Berlin and Paris and Manchester and Brussels and Madrid. It’s evil Muslims killing people in the name of their belief.

So, from what I can understand, associating these neo nazis with jihad is going to have way more of an impact and impression on the jury than if they’d used another word like crusade or whatever.


It is a shame isn’t it, I guess that shows the kind of unbelievable success the Western propaganda machine has had, so that people have to employ this kind of doublethink to get their point across and stir the right emotion in others.


Its the Muslamic rayguns we need to worry about people…




I’m pretty sure it’s the polar opposite of glorifying war.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not big on the whole hero worship thing of the armed forces but that’s ridiculous


Remembrance Sunday and the whole poppy thing has certainly been co-opted by some people to help glorify war. There’s certainly an element of it that I find somewhat distasteful.

But I still respect the moment of silence and take time to think about those who made the ultimate sacrifice for just causes, and those who served with the best of intentions. If we stop doing that then we really do hand over “ownership” of the event to those who are jingoistic and want to glorify the British Armed forces and all that they’ve done.

So I can’t really get behind this. But I would also add that I’d like to read the whole article, because the part that I’ve read (due to the pay wall) absolutely does not suggest that they are trying to ban Remembrance Sunday, what they’ve done is vote against a motion tabled by members of the Conservative union/group who are saying the university should be doing more to actively promote Remembrance Sunday. Without knowing more about what that promotion would look like I’m going to withold judgement.


I tend to think that things like remembrance sunday are going to get hijacked big time by the pro Brexit brigade this year.


Looks like you’ve nailed it

Looks like standard right wing stuff and I’d probably agree with the SU.


@sevchenko thought you’d like this article, the kind of leaders the world needs to get back on track.

Hope he stays safe




Saudi really made a mess when they decided to kill Jamal Khashoggi. It’s sad that outside of boycotting this upcoming future trade show they had coming, absolutely nobody will do anything to sanction the Saudi regime.





Wonder if this will be classed as terrorism?! Hmm


Defs Alan Sugar


He was my first thought too in fairness. :slight_smile:


Mine too :arteta: