The General News Thread


I’m not sure which of these two entities stealing taxpayers money I’m more upset about. I guess people did actually vote for Boris, so I’ll lean towards the BBC being the bigger cunts.


My eyesss :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

What the actual fuck?! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


A cynically self-deprecating move designed to endear herself to people.

The fucking state of her.


She’s a very gangly lady isn’t she?


She tried.


and EPICALLY failed!


And she is the head of our government…….What a fuckin state this country is in…jeez…….


Actually one of her better speeches, and much better than the shambles of a speech by Boris yesterday. Still lacking in detail though, and her words mean very little with no action


Choice of music is on point. :ok_hand:


Yeah… I’d still trade you.



Where you peeps rate Putin among the most influential villains in human history?



Right along there with Jodie Foster.

Seriously have you seen Contact?


One of my favourite films!


Nope, so I can’t tell what you mean by Jodie foster remark.


I was not alive when Hitler and Stalin were around, nor do i live in Russia so therefore I cannot comment either…



I’m not saying that this is the thing you should take away from this article, the most outrageous thing here, but it struck me as odd.

The description the prosecutor used, “white Jihad”. I feel like we’ve already got some pretty good words to describe scum like National Action and their behaviour, like fascism, that’s a pretty good one. Neo-Nazis is another. I’m not quite sure why he felt the need to bring Islamic extremism into it, as if we aren’t well equipped enough already to understand this kind of thing without reference to Islam. As if white people don’t have their own lengthy history of acting like religious and racial bigots lol.

I’m not chastising him, maybe he looked at the jury and thought they were ignorant and that the most effective way to make his point was to compare it to something they’d all “have a good understanding of”. I guess I just haven’t got to a point where I can happily accept that it’s somehow necessary to describe violent white nationalism by principally referring to Islam.


He’s (the judge) has perhaps meant it as a term “to give your life for a questionable cause”. He could have said white kamikaze as well but, as you say, he probably wanted to coin a contemporary phrase.

Wouldn’t read too much into the islamification of it if I’m honest