The General News Thread





is that a good or bad thing?


funny cause fox wanted it for years and thought they finally had it :joy:


i wonder what comcast will do though as regards sky if they will make it better or cheaper etc different equipment ir will be much of the same stuff.


As long as Sky News stays more or less the same I don’t really care what they do


Still dont beat a terrapin up your twat though…

Gonna be a while till something beats that!



haha :slight_smile:


Imagine what could happen if all PL clubs all showed a bit of solidarity with the Liverpool clubs and banned the Sun from their press conferences.

What a beautiful world we’d live in, where people would be aware of what can be accomplished with some balls and togetherness.


The wrath of Arsenal fans :joy:

I know people who are completely disgusted by Corbyn because of zingers from the shitbag press like

He’s friends with terrorists


He hates Jews

but I’m sure even they aren’t going to be too influenced by

He supports Arsenal but he wears Liverpool scarves


Great stuff by the BBC, amazing what they can do if they put their mind to it.

Recommend reading the whole thread guys.




That’s incredible research and journalism




If the figures are to be believed, he’s like USA’s equivalent of Jimmy Savile.



Really brings a new meaning to “The Cosby Show”


It also highlights just how stupid the statute of limitations is.


What passes for news in this shit little island and cunt of a country


To think an overgrown schoolboy, who still acts like he’s at Eton with a silver spoon in his mouth, could become Prime Minister.

Trump and Johnson.
It’s amazing that people actually vote for these morons.