The General News Thread



Do you know what? We should make, like, a NATIONAL gofundme page that everyone can donate to so that people can afford healthcare.

That’d be neat!


That’s a great idea.

Maybe we could find a way so that people could just donate straight from their wages and avoid having to log on and donating all the time - less hassle!

Then we could think of a name for this national health service. Something short and simple so everyone could remember…


Sorry mate, someone brought that in 70 years ago.


Fucking commies. :bellerin:


This is so hilarious that I don’t know where to start


Ahh, the famous 123m spire on Salisbury Cathedral. Story checks out, off you go lads.



:joy::joy::joy::joy: got to give it to Russia… they’re truly one of a kind.


More than anything, that actually now confirms to me that they did do it.

Didn’t even know Salisbury had an impressive cathedral. Of course it makes sense to leave the churches of Russia for that thing :arteta:


To be fair once you’ve seen the cathedral there’s really no reason to stick around in Salisbury.

Good call avoiding the pile of rocks too, they’d have been very disappointed.


We know churches. We have the best churches. We have spires like you wouldn’t believe.


Salisbury Cathedral is quite a major tourist attraction. And it houses one of the four surviving copies of the Magna Carta


Yeah I just looked it up actually, looks pretty nice tbf.

But do you guys think the Russians would be that big enthusiasts of Anglican church architecture


Some Russians, yeah sure, why not? Just like any other people from any nation might be.

Those particular Russians? Not a fucking chance haha


Haha yeah that’s what I meant. I love the story though


Seems plausible to me :arteta:


Not news as such but this was an interesting read. I’ve always been somewhat sceptical of this kind of thing.


It all depends on the type of work you’re doing.


It does. This article is focuses specifically on an aspect of voluntourism that is often harmful, did you read it?


Really hope this will help the violent crime in London

The VRU helped a ton in Glasgow over the past 10 or so years.

At least nobody in good faith can criticise Sadiq khan for not doing anything about crime in London.