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Blimey. You’re asking for a lot of information. I don’t have it archived on my computer so I will have to look for it and then post it here - hope you’ll take me in good faith that I will attempt to do that when I have the time to do it, until then let me respond the best I can:

Well this is an impossible request. The crowdsourced investigation has to a large extent been deleted by Reddit, and all of the posters posted under pseudonyms, so I can not prove anything re their personal biases / political affiliations. From my own viewpoint I would say most of them are alt right, Trump supporters I would imagine. There are still some archived threads on Voat which I will supply for you next time, and you should at least see an attempt to be independent and thorough. As for the codewords I assume they noticed a high usage of certain terms, i.e. pizza, in unusual contexts and then that was mapped against FBI declassified code words for paedophilia. I’ve not heard anyone accuse this FBI info as fake.

Well naturally they looked into the people who sent emails using terms such as pizza. Perhaps rather understandably that led them to a pizza shop owner, who they then explored.

Again, I don’t have time right now to find, copy, paste and comment on every single photo. I will aim to do that for you as promised, but in the meantime you could easily type his name and Instagram into google and look a them all yourself. What kind of qualified expert are you expecting? Are you saying you want me to find an example of what constitutes paedophilic photography and then make a comparison to the Instagram feeds?

Again who is “they” (as asked above) and how they established this link by evidence and example and who the people are and the crimes they have committed.

Already answered the first part. Second part I’ll need to come back to you. Not trying to side-step just I legitimately need to find this stuff.

They strike me as sexual in tone, and there are clearly heads without bodies. Not sure it’s particularly suitable for a children’s play area. I’ll dig out the artist for you next time too.

The most prominent of the bands is called Majestic Ape. I’ll try and find you the video of their performance in Comet so you can judge the comments for yourself next time. Cant remember the name of the agent will need to seek that out.

My error, the name isn’t Maria, it’s Tamara Luzzatto. Here is the section of the email in question:

I am popping

up again to share our excitement about the Reprise of Our Gang’s visit to
the farm in Lovettsville. And I thought I’d share a couple more notes:
We plan to heat the pool, so a swim is a possibility. Bonnie will be
Uber Service to transport Ruby, Emerson, and Maeve Luzzatto (11, 9, and
almost 7) so you’ll have some further entertainment, and they will be in
that pool for sure

Wikileaks link:
NY Times article about her:
Link to website: - If you want me to prove this blog isn’t a fake, I can’t. You can’t even access it anymore without an invite. Is it fake? Could be. No one has to my knowledge every said so or proved it so and I don’t recall any media outlet every even commenting on it. IP address - no idea how even find that. Let me know if you think it looks suspicious / fake.

Next time. Finding the stuff above just took me ages.

I’ll supply email next time but this one is easy to find, just type spirit cooking / WikiLeaks into google. I didn’t say the cake proved anything, all I said about that was that it shed light on the type of people he is friends with. His art can be seen in pictures of him in newspapers, he’s quite prominent in the art scene so their are numerous pieces on him and his collections, and also his brothers. I’ll dig out some links next time.

Well I did say this was the weakest bit. Again I’ll dig it out for you soon, and you can compare yourself. I’ll also do what I can to prove connections between these businesses.

Read your newspaper reports on Silsby, and though they sound very honest and balanced, they fail to come to terms with the fact that she was actually convicted of kidnapping, nor do they mention her lawyer who is a convicted child trafficker - wiki:'s_Refuge_case

She might be totally innocent; but a women convicted of kidnapping children represented by a man convicted of kidnapping for me at least means it’s not easy to debunk.

By the way not sure I even mentioned Trump; I cited the Epstein stuff as casting genuine doubts on the Clintons. They did fly his Lolita Express a lot of fucking times.


Meh. He’s also jailing women activists to a greater extent than before and incited a diplomatic incident with Canada for his right to do so.


Ok I shall keep my eyes peeled and then I can comment on the points 1,2,3 etc etc…


Just to let people know, I’ve offered @jonboylondon to continue the conversation about this in private, or pubic is fine providing he doesn’t expect me to post people’s private Instagram photos, which include children. I’m happy to debate them, discuss them etc. but given that there’s a high probability the Pizzagate theory is false, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to share peoples photos who I don’t know. Like I say, taking about it all, sharing links to websites and leaked emails etc. no problem at all, but not snatched images of peoples personal stuff.


I suppose it hinges on whether their Instagram accounts are public or not. If so, then they put it out there and I see no moral dilemma about posting it here without their consent. If their accounts are private and their pictures have been screenshot then you’re doing the decent thing, and fair play to you. But then again, if you’re basically contesting that they’re involved in noncery, I’m not sure they deserve to have their privacy respected, especially when posting the images on here is totally inconsequential.

FWIW I’d like to see you two carry on publicly, I’m finding it interesting.


TLDR version of pizzagate please.


Tldr of pizzagate is that Beyoncé was wrong. Girls don’t run the world, paedophiles do.


wtf is pizza gate?


Hillary Clinton was running a paedophile ring out a pizza restaurant - at least my understanding.

ffs autocorrect


So its nothing to do with Fabregas hitting Ferguson on the head with pizza?


This was the sequal I guess.


Migrant throws scalding hot pizza at innocent elderly Brit. What a scandal.


I’m happy to carry on here and so sorry for delay as been working last three days @Dr_Strangepass . Thanks for the PM and sorry for delay.

I’ll await your post and make sure I absorb and reply when im by PC…



I preferred it when he was a dog nonce


@JakeyBoy @jonboylondon - I’ll probably just carry on debating here if there’s interest for it. I’ll provide links to the stuff where appropriate and describe and analyse the photos in words only. If anyone wants to verify the accuracy of my words it will be an easy Google search to view the photos.

@Electrifying - though the theory began with a focus on Hilary Clinton’s charity, and though many of the conspiracy theorists clearly, and fanatically suppose her guilt, there’s nothing at all to tie her in directly. I’ve not read any synthesis of the claims that literally think there is a ring running out of a Pizza parlour. The theory is actually incredibly non specific, it posits a culture of wrongdoing around Comet Pizza, and establishes links between the owner, other potential wrongdoers, and John Podesta, who in turn is held to question for his links to potential wrongdoers and pertaining to a couple of odd emails. They then flesh it out by positing that John Podesta and some of his friends display a keen interest in the occult. They then tie in some stuff pertaining to Hilary Clintons charity by establishing links between this and pre-mentioned individuals. They also claim that Podesta is talking in his emails in code, though I personally see no obvious sign of that. If Comet and one or two items linked to certain individuals can be debunked the whole thing immediately falls as a bag of shit. My point is not that I believe the theory, but rather that the things needing debunking have yet to have been done. That’s it in a nutshell.


“In light of the ‘Baby Trump’ balloon being allowed to fly over London during his visit to the UK, let’s get a ‘Baby Khan’ one and see if free speech applies to all and whether or not Mr Khan and the London assembly will also approve this.”

Didn’t quite go as you hoped eh cunt? haha


Sixty grand for a balloon? #ripoffbritain


@jonboylondon so here is my reply to you.

Sorry again I am not posting the actual photos. If anyone wants to see them to cross check just type Alefantis Instagram into Google, then click images, all I mention are within the first 40 or so.

Photo 1: the most famous one, where a girl’s hands are taped to a table top in a kind of BDSM fashion. She is smiling, seems happy enough.

Photo 2: Close up of the same girls face as a baby. To me this is clearly a sexualised image. In my whole life, knowing many parents, don’t recall a single photo where the camera has zoomed in on the eyes, open mouth and tongue of a child. The colouring of the photo is also bizarre. An unknown man writes ‘I want one.’ Another hashtags #musthave, then two hastags #Hotard.

Photo 3 & 4: Firstly the same girl standing in a shopping basket. Next one still in basket, an orange held at groin height, girl leaning forward with tongue out. To me it looks like she’s been asked to put her tongue out. Children pretending to eat oranges know how to eat an orange.

Photo 5: close up of JA with unidentified toddler. Nothing wrong with the picture but friend says ‘cuteness is very serious business. seriously.’ It’s a play on words from the previous comments but sounds so weird in connection to a child.

Photo 6: photo of unidentified man holding unidentified child. A yellow necklace wrapped around them both. The only comment reads, hashtag #chickenlover. Even with a chicken related context, which this picture does not have, I consider that a fairly obvious sexual comment.

Photo 7 & 8: A photo of unidentified baby in a netting at the park, some kind of climbing frame thing. Comment reads only: ‘why does daddy like butt?’ Another photo establishes potentially the father and mother. Mother points to fathers t-shirt which has butt written on it. comment - ‘buttbuttwhatinthebutt.’ previous comment, again - ‘why does daddy like butt.’ Very weird talk in connection to photos of children.

Photo 9: Girl, probably called Mae according to hashtag runs on grass in yellow dress, camera views her from behind. Hashtag #ilovechocolatecake. With no cake context, and pertaining to James Alefantis as he is the I, not the girl, I consider that a clear sexual remark.

Actually for the owner of Comet I think that is already enough to establish a pattern, but there are many more, including some of the more infamous ones.

Photo 10: A photo uploaded to Instagram by a regular commenter and liker on James Alefantis’s stuff shows a child sized coffin, which appears to be a homemade coffee table. His handle is workingonmynightcheese, if you want to check. He has a few child coffin posts.

Photo 11: Another regular fan of Alefantis’s posts, called pizzafuckingparty, I believed established as a worker at Comet, but certainly evidenced as a regular poster on his Instagram, shows children on their hands and knees picking up gold wrapped condoms and miniature bottles of alcohol.

Photo 12: Another regular liker of JA’s stuff has the handle Jblairsmith, and he states about a photo of 2 men - ‘my favourite pedo.’

I said earlier about some of the musical acts at Comet too. I referenced the band Heavy Breathing who regularly play at Comet. A video where the lead singer chats to his agent in Comet is available on a link to Voat later, but I’ll submit this one where singer references paedophile. Start from 1.22. -

I’ve already submitted photo of the mural.

I stated previously that Alefantis’ wife had defended a convicted sex offender. Actually I made an error, it was his sister, but I’m still trying to find verifiable evidence for that.

Links between Alefantis and Podesta brothers:;; ;; ; there’s a lot more than this too.

Link between Podesta’s and convincted sex abuser:

This is quite an in depth collection of evidence linking Alefantis principally to a lady called Izette Folger and her family to Lisa Sisby who I mentioned before re kidnapping - + a Steemit thread detailing similar links: Another article on the fake sex trafficker lawyer:

Here’s that bizarre email again from Tamara Lazzatto: Reminder who she is:
The weird as fuck webpage of hers that needs to be debunked / proved fake:

The Voat community putting their claims together into a systematic fashion and debating near the bottom what should or should not be considered evidence: - this link will also have links within it for pretty much most aspects of the theory.

Articles on Podesta’s and their art, plus the Spirit cooking:
Shit sight but thorough enough article:

Example of poor debunking by New York Times and a very selective choice of what to debunk:

Basically I feel if the photos and the Tamara Luzzatto stuff is adequately debunked the rest falls.

Edit: I’d also like to add these two excellent overviews which take include a great deal more than I can in a limited post:


Thanks Dr i shall take a look when i have five…:slightly_smiling_face: