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The problem with her death is that lots of people celebrated it without realising anything she did. I mean I was studying my a levels at the time (one in politics), my dad was originally from a northern community, and I didn’t celebrate her death at all. I had friends telling me how horrible she was but I would never celebrate a person’s passing. For all her selling off of British industry I dislike her more for supporting Pinochet’s regime and killing young men in Falklands war.


I think there’s a difference between questioning a person’s legacy because of their actions and being unnecessarily disrecpectful in the wake of their death.



Just thought I’d add the extra viewpoint.


It’s a fair enough view tbh.

I tend to agree with some of the points made by yourself and @ImmoralGunner on McCain. People do tend to eulogize when people die maybe it’s human nature to see the good?

It’s always tricky subject to tackle because obvs someone has died.


If someone is a cunt in life, they’re a cunt in death too and should be spoken about as such. I’m really not a fan of people acting like someone was decent or that they deserved respect just because they’ve died.

Now that’s not to say that I think it is right to take the piss or abuse someone in death if you know you are going to upset others. If I knew there was a chance of the loved one of the deceased seeing or hearing my frank opinion on the dead person then I’d consider that to be in somewhat bad taste. It’s partly why I don’t really personally use twitter, because if I’m on there slagging someone off you’re actually contributing to a global conversation at the end of the day, you don’t know who can see your words or how they will be taken. It’s why I use things like Facebook and OA for any thoughts or opinions I may have, because I feel I have more control over who it is I’m going to be heard by.

But really, at the end of the day, if you genuinely and whole-heartedly think someone is basically evil, or to be slightly less dramatic perhaps, a very bad person who did a lot of harm to others, then I don’t see any problem in saying that you are glad the cunt is dead. I’ve never had time for the notion of respecting the dead simply for that reason alone.


Lots was utter bollocks yes, but there was also a thread running through it which in my view was strong enough to warrant a proper investigation. Though the whole thing is largely unfalsifiable, I’ve not seen a single piece, in the mainstream or otherwise, attempting to go through the claims one by one and offering a sensible rebuttal. No serious debunking has ever been provided. What did happen though is a massive purge of the crowdsourced investigation, and a huge censorship drive to keep it off the web - so to refer back to our previous chat on censorship I should probably adjust my position on that and acknowledge that your view is probably the best one. Does this answer satisfy, or did you want specifics about what I found interesting?


Thing with Thatcher is she was a very divisive person and hurt incalcuable pain on sections of thecountry. When that said woman is given a state funeral and eulogies coming left right and centre on her mediaq platforms people effected get annoyed and respond accordingly.
Balanced reporting and you get a better reaction.


The moment any person of power and influence dies they are instantly converted into a saint. Nixon was turned into a saint. I bet if Corbyn died tomorrow, the MSM would be canonising him immediately. The hypocrisy of Obama giving McCain a eulogy at his funeral is perfect evidence of this; what could he possibly have to say that is positive about him which isn’t, in his heart, an outright lie?


Nah, Corbyn would get battered imo.

Check how the MSM treated Castro and Chavez.


Interesting contrast to what Trump tweeted. No BS, didn’t like him not going to pretend if he did

Obama’s highly polished image really bothered me, seems very phoney


Well quite. The fact that Trump is an orange idiot doesn’t matter; to many in the U.S he will at least appear honest and separate from the hypocrisy.

@Electrifying, no I think they’d gush over Corbyn because he’s a British politician. Enemy while alive, but a member of the club when dead.


Hmm I guess we will eventually find out. Maybe you’re right


No way Corbyn would get a positive send off. It would be totally to big of a gamble for the medias vested interests to nurture something positive in dead socialist.
It would risk a possible mood swing in the country and there is no way theyd promote that imo.


Savage a.f.


What thread…? I would like to know.

I’d love to know what as this was the most wanky conspiracy story I can remember in my lifetime…


OK I’ll provide a quick run down.

  1. The wikileaked Podesta emails were claimed to contain code words for paedophilia. In order to establish this the crowdsourced investigators began looking at the individuals linked to the purported code words.
  2. That led them to James Alefantis, the owner of Comet Ping Pong. This is a child friendly pizza parlour that provides punk music in the evening, and is the venue for frequent Democratic fundraising events (sometimes attended by Clinton and Obama). They found lots of photos on his Instagram that were highly suggestive of paedophilia, including comments in the comments section that suggest the same.
  3. They were able to establish that James Alefantis had friendships with convicted paedophiles, and that his wife defended a convicted paedophile in court.
  4. When viewing the Instagram feeds of those who commented on his photos they found more paedophilic imagery, including from a man who works for - I think - Beyond Borders, Hilary Clintons Haiti charity in a senior position. It also included very dodgy Instagram content from David Brocke, Alefantis’ ex boyfriend and another prominent Democratic donor.
  5. They then found evidence of a mural in Comet Ping Pong which depicted sexualised figures with decapitated children’s heads. Many of the punk bands who play at the pizza joint have videos and lyrics which are paedophilic, and one band was filmed performing in Comet Ping Pong where the lead singer jokes about paedophilia happening in Comet Ping Pong. The agent responsible for booking the bands also had dodgy shit on her social media feeds.
  6. Another Podesta email has a lady called Maria something or other saying that 3 children will be Ubered to a farm (she supplies ages - 7, 10, and 11 I think) and that they will be in the pool for his entertainment. This lady is a Democratic big shot and multimillionaire. Weirdly they found that she had a cheapo wordpress website in which she appears to be selling her 3 granddaughters for online sex. Personally I can think of no other way of interpreting her ridiculously creepy website. It’s a baffling, horrid website that demands explaining.
  7. There is another email where Podesta discusses meeting up with an old friend, also a convicted paedophile. He also reminisces about how he should have hidden in Japan.
  8. Another email includes an invitation to Podesta’s brother, and forwarded to Podesta, inviting him to a spirit cooking dinner written by Maria Abramovich, the famous occultist performance artist. Spirit cooking is blood magic. Obviously this isn’t proof of anything except to highlight the oddity of his friendships. There is a photo in circulation of her and Lady Gaga eating a cake that looks like a very real-life human and they are eating the flesh. This is considered relevant by the crowdsourced investigation because when they looked at Podesta’s art collection they found renderings of cannibalism and child abuse hanging on his walls, including his bedroom.
  9. Another interesting feature is that there is a multitude of businesses on the same block as Comet Ping Pong, all owned by James Alefantis or having links to him. I’m not particularly convinced by this but there is definitely some similarity between all of their logos and FBI established paedophile symbols. I mention this only because Hilary Clintons charity which deals in helping children in Haiti is located in the middle of these businesses.
  10. This leads to a lady called Lisa Silsby who on behalf of the charity was a missionary in Haiti seeking to establish an orphanage. She was arrested for trying to kidnap 33 children out of the country. At her trial she was represented by a lawyer who himself is a convicted child-sex trafficker and he is wanted in 4 countries on similar charges. His wife is in prison for the same charges. The Hilary Clinton emails confirm that she was regularly updated about this lady before and during the trial. Bill Clinton as ambassador to Haiti or some role similar helped to get Silsby’s co-conspirators off and got Silsby a reduced sentence. This lady is now on the board of directors at a firm whose job it is to prevent child trafficking in the U.S. This is all well documented.
  11. They next, quite rightly, tie it in via the Clintons, to the Jeffrey Epstein stuff, which is hardly disputable. The guy was running a underage prostitution racket for the elite, especially centring around his democratic and liberal friends.
  12. There is other stuff which I have left out either because I’m not familiar enough with it, or because its baseless horseshit. The biggest flaw in the theory is a lack of witnesses or victims (i.e. none), and that without a proper official investigation it’s unfalsifiable. But I think there is enough concern to warrant a proper look. None of the first ten points made have ever been debunked or properly discussed by the media. To the best of my knowledge only two reporters have taken it seriously, one withdrew from the media entirely shortly after, the other died. One final point of interest is that the term ‘fake news’ came into existence just prior to the story breaking into the mainstream, prior to the Orange idiot making it all his own.


Dictator and cleptocrat were a fair representation of both respectively.


Absolutely. Just a shame we can’t be as fair to western politicians (and Saudi kings, who for some reason are heralded as modernists and reformers every time they die)


Shame. Thought you would come back with this tired old non story but anyway…

Please provide the following for each point:

  1. The name of all the individuals involved in the crowdfunding and descriptions showing they are investigating this with an independent frame of mind and not any agenda and how the codewords suggested paedophilia.

  2. The reasons the codewords in the emails led them to the establishment and the owner

  3. Photographs mentioned and how they and the comments are suggestive of paedophilia with a reasonable explanation backed up by example from a qualified expert as would be done in any legal process.

  4. Again who is “they” (as asked above) and how they established this link by evidence and example and who the people are and the crimes they have committed.

  5. Provide a copy of the mural for us to see and reasons why it is depicting sexualised figures and decapitating heads, a copy of all the lyrics from those bands and explanations as to why they are paedophilic and also a copy of the video of the lead singer you mentioned and also the “dodgy shit” from the agent and its paedophilic content.

  6. Details of Maria something or the other ie surname. position, relation to Podesta, a copy of the email found and its wording and the website mentioned as well as proof it is indeed her website with IP details and proof.

  7. Details of the email in full, the persons name and the conviction they had.

  8. Full email and why this reported cannibalism, cake shapes and lady gaga is relevant to the establishment mentioned above. Also copies of the paintings, sources confirming ownership and location - and proof of the aforementioned paedophilic nature of the art.

  9. Details of the logos mentioned and the FBI symbols and an explanation of why they are similar and the relevance.

The rest of the stuff here is just a re-hash of the crazy stuff on The Donald - a Trump loving right wing nut publication which can be found here…

which I have little time for but here;

and here

is some reading for those will a little more balance.

As for Trumps pal Epstein…

he is a an cunt but of little relevance to the democrats and pizzagate.

Until you can provide some detail and clarity to your claims it remains in your words “baseless horseshit” and the your demands for it to be debunked or it must be true… fall very, very flat.


Relative movement. When one is so backward and slow to change, even the slightest improvement seems massive.

“Women driving cars? This dude is like a Martin Luther Mandela.”