The General News Thread




Surely culture is fluid. Jamie Oliver can call his crap rice anything he likes.

But if cultural appropriation doesn’t matter, then it needs to not matter to white folks too. Like no more spazzing out when a black person plays a role in a tv show about the middle ages for example. Just get on with it.



The amount of abominations I see all over the world pretending to be Danish pastries…

Fucking honey covered croissants sprinkled with almonds and shit like that. Has absolutely nothing to do with Danish pastries whatsoever.

You don’t see me complaining about it. I’m just quite chuffed that people are so keen on our culture even if it means they get some of it wrong.

I love how keen people are on danish culture even if they don’t always get it 100% right.


Fucking Londoners misappropriating Cornish culture with their fake pasties. The turnip and potato should not be pre-mixed or it’s not authentic!


The preceding three sentences do sound a bit like you’re complaining about it though lol


What’s the original pastie filling? Definitely has potato in it right?


Pasties are disgusting #sorrynotsorry


Not an elite opinion Cal.


I’m not a pastry/pie kinda guy. Just find them horrible :upside_down_face:


Pasties I get, but pies? You can’t beat a good steak & ale pie :slight_smile:


geeez talk about stuck up over pastries…forget chicken connoisseur you should be the pastry connoisseur :henry2:


Your biscuit tins are great mate!


Vindaloo - wtf is that about :rofl:


I like a Vindaloo :eyes:


Jamie Oliver’s crime isn’t cultural appropriation, it’s just an abomination against food.

They have to get it right.


“Hairless yound blond lad.”

If one is hairless how can you tell he is blond?

Will google Jamie Oliver now


Some youtube dude who made a fortune selling Skins for some video game committed suicide in San Diego by smashing his £400,000 Mclaren into another car by going down the wrong way on the motorway. He succeeded in taking a mother and her daughter’s lives, who were in the other car, in the process.


You’ll know what he means when you Google him. Means he probably has no chest hair or pubes :arteta:


The more time passes the more I end up disliking these fucking YouTube celebrities