The General News Thread


"Black dollars matter." Protests erupted after a brawl between black customers and Asian-American workers at a Brooklyn nail salon.

— The New York Times (@nytimes) 7 augustus 2018

In no way shape of form do I want to belittle racist/discrimnatory behaviour towards black people, but it seems these day everything is called that. It seems like customer and worker just had an argument about work that was done and it escalated…but to throw it on colour :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.



Sometimes Barbaric punishment are worth it.


I really can’t gauge from that article whether The Sun is for or against this.



Here we go again.





Probably a cheque by Stan for some decent investment.


Horrible. I go to Genoa 4 times per year so this thing hits me very hard.


I’m sure he’s going to make lots of friends in prison


I’d take Rust Cohle’s advice and kill myself at the first opportunity I got


Metro is now the biggest paper in the UK cause its free haha


Who the fuck made these stats. Pure bullshit! :mustafi:


FT is the only newspaper I’ll read these days.


You just hate any kind of stats don’t you :rofl::rofl:


No. Not at all. I was just parodying myself there. :slight_smile:

I have no fucking clue what the % in those is supposed to mean though.

Edit: Oh. I get it now that I’m viewing it on mobile. Those down arrows didn’t translate well to desktop. Haha


With such decline you can see why they try so desperately to polarize opinion.


which restricts their reader base even more.

honestly, good riddance. this is what happens when you throw facts out the window and report sensationalism and whatever your editor/owner wants completely unchecked.


City AM is a dreadful paper, not surprised to see them last.

I’m happy to see readership of the tabloids going down but I’m not sure if the alternative is better. People just read a lot of shit online now