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She did have her first uk #1 a few weeks ago so I don’t know if I can give you that pun… :grimacing:


Oh damn it, that’s what I get for not following the charts. I didn’t think she’d really had any lol


Some Comic book and Star Wars nerds are some of the worst cunts on this planet.

Seem to be empowered behind a screen, when in real life they’d be too awkward to say anything to your face.

I’d love to smash these basement dwellers that did this and got that actress that played Rose on TLJ to delete her Instagram.


We are not!


I should preface with some, cos I belong to the group too lol


The least they could of done us make her orange like what they did with the gamora actress. Some are upset that they did not keep true to the sirve material and just put a black woman in.


Disgusting racism aside, the show looks terrible.
Awful costume design and the trailer was some edgelord bullshit.


Saw a trailer for this and my word does it look terrible. They’re butchering a childhood classic of mine with this live action nonsense which always converts terribly (The Last Airbender :man_facepalming:) .

Representation is important, and I don’t mind different races playing another race if it isn’t central to the story or context but it really annoys me when TV executives shove diversity down your face at the expense of staying true to the source material.

I thought all the characters looked poorly cast tbh


Maybe they just liked her the best out of those that auditioned?


Maybe they did, but they should of wacked some orange paint on her


I agree I don’t get why they did not


I think it’s fair enough to say that the character should still be orange, if its an orange alien she’s playing lol. Like Zoe Saldana in GoG


Supermarket wastage has always been a peeve of mine. Good policy from Lidl, hope it works out


This happened with the Dark Tower movie as well. I’m a huge fan of Idris Elba but they simply should never have cast a black guy as Roland Deschain. One of the absolutely fundamental themes of the books is white racism towards black people, and this manifests through one of the key characters, Susannah (who is black) and her alter ego’s hatred of white people. Roland is white in the books and the dialogue / character interactions are massively focused on this in the books.

That completely went out the window when they cast a black guy as Roland. Was really disappointed in the movie regardless (was fucking shite) but butchering the original story hardly helped either.


A better idea is to donate that food to food banks.




The ‘reformist, modern’ Saudis, that Western establishment hacks were gushing over, on a madness :arteta:

This is genuinely one of the worst tweets I’ve ever seen