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The parties are split and composed by elements at such odds with their own side that the system is irrevocably broken, and yet mandatory deselection is considered a dirty proposition despite being the only way out of the deadlock. Half the MPs are in the wrong teams.


She’s mental but I expected her to back brexit, dunno about the other 2 MPs, but you’d think John Mann would be for the EU, being a blairite (AFAIK)


That Pakistan corruption being derailed by use of Calibri font is one of most fascinating turn of events for me.
What a catch by investigators!!


BBC takes the piss. All the media attention on the Thai boys and they put the Thai capsized ships in sub category when there were at least 39 - 49 dead or missing.

Look at those poor boys forget about those dead people. We are gonna get a lot of hits!


Something to cheer us all up :heart:


WTF is wrong with this country. :expressionless:


I just can’t understand what the possible motive would be. Fucking mind boggling


Well it seems clear they were trying to hurt the parents by attacking their child.


I didn’t bother to read the story posted here (edit: just scrolled up, it’s not even a story but a tweet), as I’d read one previously that was very sparse on details and made no mention of parents or possible motive, so I figured that there was no further info at this time.

Even then, acid attack the parents if you have a problem with them. Still can’t understand why you’d go for an entirely innocent kid (not that the parents aren’t innocent or anything)


Absolute cunts. Acid spray their bollocks.


They should be kicked in them until they puke blood and die.


That poor kid


Have Disney spat out another wrong’un?


To be fair… the majority of Americans voted against Trump.

Edit: WTF is wrong with me today… I keep replying to years old posts.


Hasn’t Demi Lovato been a recovering drug addict for years? Shame if true.


Yeah, she’s kind of a tragic case… I feel bad for the kid.


Finally had a massive hit


Is there any teenager in history who had early fame & grew up being teetotaler, non-smoker or miles away from drugs?


Damn Jake. :rofl: