The General News Thread


Absolutely fantastic news!!!

Did you guys know that the most asylum applications to the UK come from Eritreans (that’s right, more than Syrians, Turkish etc).

Because of these wars, they had this horrific child soldier program where mandatory prescription begins at 8 years old. That plus, one of the most authoritarian dictatorships in the world means many many people want to flee.

Hopefully, with the end to this war, this can change too. Although I don’t know how relations are with Djibouti though.


4 kids and their coach hopefully out safe today. That really is football coming home. Make it happen.





I love Elon, despite him saying stupid shit from time to time :slight_smile:


That’s fair enough. I don’t really give a fuck about him either way tbh, it’s just posted in light of him calling that diver a paedo for no good reason and some weird fanboys saying it was OK haha


I’m betting Elon had had a few drinks, was annoyed they dismissed his help, and then he started saying stupid shit :slight_smile:


^ Hey Apu.



I confess, I am most definitely a weird nerd :santi:



Glad people are waking up to the BBC’s shitness as a journalistic institution.

They are nothing more than a PR firm for either side they are doing a story on.


Except ORNSTEINNNNNNN yes? :wink:


Who is a fraud…soooo


So is May about to lose her Customs vote. If so it could be curtains for her.


Honestly seems like every vote in Parliament now, no matter what it’s about, could topple her premiership haha

I’ve been hoping for a while that the tory remainers + labour + SNPs + Lib Dems get their shit together in Parliament and fight for the EEA option. I’m not actually sure that their is enough strength within the tory party to seriously rebel, so I’ll probably be disappointed again in an hours time.



Unbelievable that Pakistan seems to punish corruption much stronger than the UK seems to nowadays.

The Leave campaign (much like the past 2 Tory election campaigns) have been confirmed illegal in their spending limits.

But fuck all has been done.

They decided a £61k fine is enough to adequately unish those that overspent by £500k :arteta:

Edit: wtf is the point of John Mann wearing a red rosette, guy is as Tory as they come.

I am genuinely so disillusioned with the UK government.


Oh well, maybe next time. Gutted.

Edit: all the Tory remainer rebels voted with the government. All their bluster and they vote against the customs union.


I don’t understand how Hoey can back Brexit in spite of her constituency being overwhelmingly remain.

I hate party politics