The General News Thread


I think he’d have lost a lot of credibility if he’d stayed tbh. He was basically at the forefront of the remain campaign from day one and continually stated what a disaster it would be.

I can’t see how he could turn around and throw around bollocks like no deal is better than a bad deal when he was the one that had already gone to the EU for a deal and come back and expected people to be happy about it even though it was basically nothing.


Likewise if I’m honest


Why would that have been a requirement of staying?


Oh look another update is out




Well we’re told that successful and intelligent people negotiate this way, by pretending they don’t need you and that you’re willing to walk away.

I’m assuming half of this is straight from the Brexit ministry (though I guess he might have had different ministers for that office so it might have gone differently) but I don’t think he could have bluffed in that kind of way with any kind of conviction that it was actually a possibility.


I guess what constitutes a bad deal is entirely subjective and if the net effect of Brexit had been there was no more MEPs and less money being sent to Brussels well that still would have been Brexit.

And I think plenty of leave voters would have been happy with that (not all, obviously).

I’ll caveat this by saying I’m obviously on the outside but from what I can see all the ideas about what Brexit is seem to have become polarised only after the fact. Nobody ever said Brexit means this, this and this 100% guaranteed. Cameron could have stuck around, fudged it, made minimal changes…and in the next election he could probably have still won as many seats as May did and maybe more.


Novichok 2.


Inb4 the crazy bastards on Twitter who blame HMG


So am I right in understanding that the view now is that the novichok was from a cigarette end that was lying in a park for about a month and that it was strong enough to kill, but the previous novichok wasn’t strong enough to kill because it was diluted by rain water? Or have I got the stories horribly confused.


Where did you hear that? Sounds plausible, I was saying yesterday that I thought those two new victims looked like they could be homeless or similar and could have picked up a cigarette to try and smoke it or something.

Does sound a bit far fetched though haha


hhmmmm, whats going on with this guy i hope he hasnt done anything dumb.



So, Russia is responsible for the death of 1 British citizen on British territory using a weapon of war.

International response: “Russia, you have been very naughty. You aren’t allowed to play with your friends now.”


The international community did nothing when Russia annexed territory from another country in the C21st, it won’t bother itself over this


Could boycott the world cup.:thinking:



It’s never too late to do it :henry2:


If we’re losing come the 89th minute Wednesday night we should do the hornerable thing and boycott the rest of the tournament. Got to put your principles above success


Actually think the governments response will be quiet due to the world cup tbh.