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they are gettin executed. about 40 states have death penalty on the menu. These human beings, who make these mass shootings needs seriuos psychological help long before they even think about getting a gun. The downside of having a underinvested social system neglecting the troubled minds.


Too fackin’ right Danny


I loved the last “twat” :slight_smile:


Pretty pathetic how people celebrate incoherent gibberish on a serious issue like Brexit.

Dyer was talking pure shit. There’s something to be said about Cameron’s handling of Brexit but he came off like an angry uneducated commoner.

I hate ‘viral’ politics. It shouldn’t be encouraged or promoted. People constantly seek the “gotcha” moment. ohh Cockney danny dyer skewered David Cameron by calling him a twat, not once but twice, that’ll teach him. smh


I think you might be overthinking it to be honest.

It’s just funny to hear Danny fucking Dyer call Cameron a twat live on national tv.


Maybe, I’m seeing alot of the reaction on twitter and the hardcore remainer crowd are lapping it up.

Also on a side note, I’ve got an issue the general degeneration of respect shown to office of Prime Minister and it’s holders.


You get respect if people think your actions merit it, holding office itself doesn’t command respect and nor should it.


I’m not that close to it but to me Cameron’s handling of things seems to have amounted to running away. What’s he done that’s commendable regarding Brexit?


Where’s the respect to the constituents that you are paid to serve ?? The PMs of this country need to start serving the people other than their own fckn agendas.


Well then I guess we have to agree to disagree here.

I think a democratically elected Prime Minister is entitled to a certain level of respect by virtue of holding the office regardless of their policies or party.

It’s the highest political office in the land and is held by a public servant. A mandate from the electorate warrants that respect in my view.

On the whole, It’s better for society if that level of mutual respect is there. We don’t want politics to descend into tribalism


He isn’t our PM now.


This isn’t north Korea. You should be able to call current or past prime minister’s twats if you want to.


@shamrockgooner - Depends on your view point Regarding Brexit. I voted to remain and haven’t accepted the result but I don’t view DC as having run away.

Was it right for him to offer a Referendum on EU membership in his 2015 manifesto? Yes it was. Euroscepticism was on the rise throughout the country as evidenced by the electoral rise of UKIP in red and blue constituency all over England. It was nothing short of democracy in action.

Was it right for him to resign in light of the result? imo yes, I would have liked him to stay on but his position was ultimately untenable as a clear remain backer as sitting PM. There needed to be a clean break.

@Jules - Doesn’t matter. He held the office as elected PM twice and that enough in my book. I apply the same level of respect to all former PM dead or alive

@Calum - Of course can call people whatever you like in our free society. I personally think it a massive lack of respect which encourages nasty kind of politics.

If you have to use foul language to criticise public servants instead of using logical arguments, especially on a National TV platform you’re not doing a positive service to our democracy.


Respect is earned, and when Cameron tucked his tail between his legs and scarpered he lost all of mine.



Politics is tribal by its very nature. What are you on about?


Think you’re maybe reading too much into a comment from Danny Dyer but I do agree with you on this ‘gotcha politics’ phenomenon.

Does nothing to help the situation, but just makes people who engage in it feel better about themselves.

‘My snarky tweet @Donald Trumps account didn’t actually do anything but I got 40,000 retweets!!!’ :xhaka:


How does this respect you have for them manifest itself? I just want to understand exactly what you mean when you say we should be respectful of PMs past and presence. Also is it just PMs who get this respect, or do Chancellors of the Exchequer get it too? What about other cabinet ministers? Or even MPs, MEPs, local councillors. Where is the line drawn?


I can appreciate this take on things although I wouldn’t share it. I’m not convinced the position was untenable. He would have been challenged for sure but there is surely a chance he’d have won a leadership battle against May and Johnson…

I don’t think he said he’d leave if the referrendum was passed and I am more of the opinion that it was up to him to stick around and try make the best of it once it did. If he was defeated in a leadership battle fair enough but it felt a bit like a cut and run to me.


I don’t really buy the “he’s a remainer he couldn’t stay on and deliver Brexit” because he was replaced by a remainer who was then tasked with delivering Brexit, just one who stayed out of the limelight during the ref out of naked self interest.


Fair view tbh

I think his resignation was more about trying to maintain party unity partly in light of a slim majority and a result no one really expected.

What’s ever been said about his personal convictions in relation to the result? If he as PM doesn’t feel he can deliver ‘Brexit’ why should cling to power by stay on? He doesn’t own brexit, the decision to have a ref wasn’t his alone. It had cross party support in the commons and throughout the county

It does seem odd to have a 6 year relationship with the EU leaders then turn around and attempt to negotiate a hard Brexit. A clean break was needed.

But I can see both sides of the argument really.

What I actually would have prefered is that the Ref take place a slightly before the 2020 GE. With impact assessments conducted in the run up

@JakeyBoy There’s a difference in backing remain as a sitting PM with prior direct relationship with the EU and as an MP imo. May became leader post ref where leave had a ‘mandate’ and on that basis, she accepted the result. Her previous affiliation is meaningless