The General News Thread


Hahahaha yeah you got it :rofl:




It’s probably just Trump to be honest. I could see someone like Oprah being very popular. She’d be establishment in a way that the MSM in America would understand - not Fox obviously. Because really it just comes down to the media understanding you / feeling like it has a nice cosy connect to the hub of power. Aside from the racist stuff, Trump’s politics is basically the same as any other U.S Pres.


Not really. I don’t see any other president in the last twenty years making the same geopolitical decisions.

And that’s because his knowledge of politics, both national and international, is very limited.


What’s he done geopolitically that’s overtly different than previous Presidents?


Trade wars with major nations simultaneously?


Tbf, there was the Taiwan thing, the Jerusalem thing and the North Korea thing.

Edit: oh yeah the recent Canada thing too^^


Ah those things!

Yeah I forgot those.

Fair point then @Jules

Still I don’t think any of this has particularly impacted on how Americans in general and the establishment view him. Think my initial point still holds. He’s loved / despised for his manner and personality mainly + racism. His economic outlook is happily elite. Still lots of room for another celeb in the White House.



  • Pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord
  • Ripping up the Iran Nuclear deal
  • Leaving the UNHRC

Oh I agree. America are not done with their celebrity presidents.


Forgot that as well lol.


Whether others would pull out of it entirely or not, his climate scepticism is pretty damn mainstream. When he was still a nominee I remember only of the Republican nominees would actually say that climate change/global warming existed, and even then he was of the opinion that it wasn’t caused by humans but was a naturally occurring phenomenon that we couldn’t/shouldn’t do anything about. The other 8 or 9 including Trump (however many there were in total) all refused to accept it even existed.



It won’t happen. Boris is going to lay in front of the bulldozer.


The man is a careerist coward


Construction will be halted in mid 2020 due to falling passenger numbers.


Seems like a massive cost and undertaking for something that causes more issues than it solves and will be a massive cost/pain to deliver.

At least Boris is getting shown for the charlatan that he is


Fantastic news



its fucking ridiculous now, its happening so often that it almost isnt news anymore its feels like almost every month we are hearing this sorta shit is going down. I feel when they catch the motherfuckers that are doing this if they havent killed themselves already like the cunting cowards that they are there should be no mercy i feel they should be executed. If found guilty and there is no doubt i feel they should be killed on the same day.