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Is it a criminal offence to attack policemen?


Haha is he a parody?


I would’ve thought it was already a criminal offence to attack police dogs and horses.


he must be paid off by some perverted mafia type crimelord.


He’s got a wife and a daughter, how can he be sexist?!


Apparently this guy just likes being stubborn and blocks anything if it hasn’t been debated. Plus obviously he’s a bellend.


Were you drunk when you wrote this?


No I was not. That was a silly suggestion

There’s a current legislative framework that already protects police animals which carries criminal punishment to people who harm them.

There shouldn’t be a specific offence here.


If it carries a criminal punishment then isn’t it a criminal offence?


Evidently the ‘current legislative framework’ isn’t doing its job then according to the people who want the offence redefined


Yes that’s my point. If you decide to assault or impede a police animal you will be punish with criminal charges but the charge won’t be a specific offence of ’ Battery on a dog in police use’ it’ll likely come under a range of already suitable public disorder offenses which carries a criminal charge and appropriate punishment.

Just like if you damage a police car you shouldn’t be charge specifically for it. It’ll be dealt with using other laws

@Robin_L The current framework is perfectly fine. Don’t be fooled by politicians looking to gain favour with the electorate by passing needless laws which has may have popular appeal.

Do you actually know the stats regarding battery on police animals? Thier usage is so small by the police already I doubt there were even 100 cases last year. Why add another layer of bureaucracy and time to criminal judicial proceedings with pointless laws already legislated for?

If anything that kind of legislation is likely to be abused by the police.


You started off by saying that it shouldn’t be a criminal offence, you’re now saying that your point is that it already is a criminal offence.

Did you miss the word specific from your original post?


I was referencing the tweet directly which is why I left ‘specific’ out and mentioned existing law. But I can see where confusion did arise




Honestly, I think Trump has put a lot of people off reality stars as Presidents.

That said, I know my girlfriend and all of her friends would almost certainly vote for her so please shoot me in the head and put me out of my misery


That is what i am thinking too, there are too many people in america that are on that train, her or her husband would likely get voted in because of their unworthy popularity and lets face it americans dont have a good track record when it comes to presidents recently. I mean how in the living fuck can you decide to vote in bush for a 2nd term…they are nuts.

If that ever happens and they vote for a fucking Kardashian to be the ruler of their country and one of the most powerful people in the world i honestly want the world to stop so i can get the fuck off it.


Yep, I’d take it beyond reality stars because I think his brand of “anti establishment” will have people yearning for the establishment for the foreseeable future. This was the one chance to prove that career politicians with their scripted opinions and party politics could be improved upon but all he’s done is make them look like professionals and an outsider can’t just stroll into that world.


Nah that’s the natural conclusion to this flow of logic.

It’s what this vain, materialistic world that worships celebrities akin to religious prophets deserves.

Beyonce as supreme leader of the West incoming imo


Beyonce > Oprah. Tbh.


Your rants about Love Island are making so much more sense to me now. All that rage built up day to day with your gf needed an outlet haha