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Northern Ireland for me is Ireland they may be in the UK but they aren’t actually Britain as they aren’t connected to us



This is awkward in so many ways. But the most awkward atm is the make up of our government. (DUP)


Hear hear…

And once we are done with them is the turn of those crazy French bastards…


Bring back the Empire!


That’s what got Scotland into this mess in the first place. :mustafi:


Don’t think the SNP MPs should have walked out but I understand their frustration.

Re @sevchenko 's point, EU membership was probably the biggest issue in the 2014 Indyref. No would not have won had EU citizens in Scotland not been scared into voting for the status quo.

Being part of the EU was a huge reason we voted to stay. I don’t think rampant Euroscepticism to the extent where people would be clamouring for a hard brexit was ever present in 2014, certainly not in England.

The conditions have changed hugely, and the deal which Scotland took to stay is being shredded up around our eyes.

It’s like when RVP wanted to leave when Fergie left. He signed on to be managed by SAF not Moyes.

But then also imagine if United decided to leave the PL and join up with the MLS or something on top of that, this is what is happening here.

Think we would be justified in another vote tbh, but whether we will not screw it up again is another matter.


@Electrifying genuine question - what’s so great about the EU?

Most people I know voted to remain not really because of any real love for it (I think you’ll struggle to find anyone with a good word to say about the actual organisation) but because of perceived economic benefits but independence is going to be an economic earthquake anyway (shortish term at least).

In England if you took away the belief in a big economic risk I think it would have resulted in a landslide leave win, so why is Scotland different?

Unless I’m missing something it really looks like the SNP have clung onto this as simply the only semi-legitimate reason they’re likely to get to have another referendum in the short-medium term.


Tbf there is economic risks either way, that’s why the status quo isn’t an option this time round.

Well back in 2014, EU membership (or lack of) was used as further evidence of the economic struggles an independent Scotland would have to face.

And of course EU citizens would like to stay in the EU so they don’t have to get deported I guess, as they were being threatened with in the run-up to the last one.


State of this fucking gammon.

Somebody check this guy’s hard drive



What a dick! Genuinely cannot understand his motive for this one. He has a wife and a daughter – yet somehow hates women enough to want upskirting to be legal? Bloody weirdo!


An MP is only beholden to his local association and constituents. Wonder how they feel


I’d love to know what his justifications behind this are.

I’d love to know what any of the MPs that voted against this justifications’ are.

In fact I’m surprised it isn’t illegal already.


I thought the punishment was going to be 24 months. Because I’d be against that too.


I would bet his constituency is officially the oldest in the country and his seat among the safest. I doubt they give too much of a toss.


His majority is meaningless if the local conservative association and the people there doesn’t feel their MP represents their views well in parliament and want him deselected as a result. Lord knows his position isn’t going to be protected from CCHQ

If the local residents put up enough pressure he goes


What a sound guy he is


Wow I didn’t know Lucifer had changed his name.


That shouldn’t actually be a criminal offense. Current framework is fine