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SNP madness in house of commons haha



The absolute state of that party.


Bercow seemed entirely justified in ordering him to leave, have I missed something that justified them all leaving in protest given that all I’ve seen is what’s contained in the above clip?


Probably the discussion on devolution in just twenty minutes might have ruffled the feathers


All this will do is intensify the calls for a second independence vote.


OK, so no legitimate reason to object to his ejection, their dissatisfaction is about what came before and really that’s why they walked out.


I’ve actually always wondered what is the appropriate time limit you can have on a Referendum on the same issue?


Like leaving the EU when you voted to stay in it



That’s a bit unfair. Scotland has basically lost its powers within 20 minutes because May was too chicken shit to risk lengthy debates. Then Berckow incorrectly overruled the SNP guys motion to vote.


Major reason for having a Referendum in the first place is so it can provide a long term binding decision on an issue that has been highly contentious for decades.

The Scots voted to stay in the UK for better or worse in 2014. They knew full well the political implications of being committed to a Union. Seems unreasonable to have an another IndyRef within the next 5 - 10 years.

Democracy is weird


They have every right IMO based on unforeseen pivotal - essentially Union changing - circumstances.

Besides, it’s something that can somewhat fairly be judged appropriate based on the projected will of Scotland. If poll after polls were to show a majority appetite for independence then they should have the second referendum. It’s not there yet, but it could go that way soon given what’s currently happening.

Personally I hope the Scots stay and vote Labour, as I don’t see SNP or independence ultimately fixing their problems, but its not my call to make.


I wouldn’t classify Brexit as unforeseen, Euroscepticism was on a steady rise in the UK. It was a major talking point in the run up to GE.

I’m all for self determination but it can’t be done on a whim. The moment was in 2014 and with such a high turn out you can’t turn around cancel the result based on opinion polls, which are naturally flawed ‘tools’.

The whole point of having a one binding referendum is so the result isn’t subject to constantly changing trends, which is what the mood around Brexit is exactly. It’s opportunist politics from the SNP, their lust for total power knows no bounds.

Of course you want Scotland to stay. Labour - SNP coalition is the only way the boy gets power :joy:


And a major part of their decision to stay within the Union was the benefits of being in the EU, and now despite Scotland voting to remain, they are going to be forced to leave.

That’s why I think another independence referendum is on the cards.


@sevchenko this. Combined with what happened today. Of course under normal circumstances a referendum would be binding for some considerable time, but these two things have pulled the rug out. Ultimately if enough Scottish people want it they will get it, because its pressure that in the end sways power.


The idea that Scotland voted to stay is flawed. Scotland wasn’t asked if it wanted to stay, the United Kingdom was and it said no.



Where else in the world are three countries binded together as one for some stupid union.


Four countries.

And I dunno. But it is what it is until it’s not.


Why do England even allow ‘Wales’ and ‘Scotland’ to even exist anymore? Should just all be England by now tbh.