The General News Thread


I can’t find anything in the news about that


ffs :joy::joy:


Is she at least fit?


Can you imagine BBC News tweeting this about a girl? #DoubleStandards


Yer da


Not as bad as The Sun. So many things wrong with it. So incredibly moronic.


lol…the “unelected HoL”…“we have one warning for our elected…” :mustafi:


ffs. :joy: Newspapers like them just need to hurry up and close already. Who still buys newspapers in 2018?!


Sounds like they’re gonna screw us and cause a constitutional crisis too @Calum !

Do a power grab and take powers previously in the hands of The Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly back to Westminster!

Can’t wait tbh, maybe it’ll wake some of the leftover fools here up, and fast-track independence.

The union could even be dissolved there and then! (Not really but a man can dream :smile:)


The fact that the Sun has had to make a front page that looks like a propaganda poster from the second world war, just shows how worried they are.

Perhaps if they hadn’t have backed proven liars like Farage and Johnson we wouldn’t be in this mess.


This just becomes more and more farcical ever day.

It’s like a fucking sketch show.


These papers are just a parody now. They know their days are numbered, know they won’t increase their fanbase beyond what it is now so it’s just 100% give the people what they want and what they want is to be outraged by Brexit.

I do wonder what they would have to say if we were smoothly sailing to a hard Brexit with no enemies of the people and no remoaners.

I can’t imagine the sun having the headline “EVERYTHING GOING GREAT, NOT LONG NOW”.


I don’t understand what’s so great and patriotic about having a nation like Russia meddling with our democratic elections and dictating our foreign policy and relationship with our strongest allies lol


The state of Brexit lol

The thing is there are obviously many ‘Leavers’ that voted for legitimate reasons, but there really is a minority within the movement that is a true harm to our country



I get it will, you’re a nice guy and don’t want to call a spade a spade but it’s there for all to see.

Those Free Tommy guys. Nigel Garage, Fraser Nelson, Aaron Banks, Boris Johnson.

Like it or not, these people are the Brexit movement. And are all expressly unpleasant.


I agree in regards to the leaders of the movement, but I wouldn’t extend that to the population as a whole. I know many people that voted leave, largely for concerns completely unrelated to the EU haha, who are typically much further left than me on many and hate the likes of Farage, Banks etc. I also believe that there is a majority in the UK, and in the Commons, that would support the EEA/EFTA option, it’s just a shame our government are tied to the ERG

Best not get started on the protest that happened at the weekend regarding Tommy Robinson, as that’s a whole new level of low for this country!


Maybe 17 million did vote to leave (whatever you interpreted leave as at the time) but the “WE WANT OUR BREXIT!” brigade is not 17 million strong.

It really feels like a relative minority is just shouting the loudest and nobody wants to challenge them for fear of being on the front page of turds like this, and that minority is telling everyone that they knew what they voted for, and what they voted for is what needs to happen and that is setting the agenda.

Any time the slightest middle ground option is suggested it’s immediately shot down as “not what we voted for”.

I’ve no doubt that MPs will vote based on what’s most likely to keep their seat rather than what they want or what they think is best.


Yeah maybe the people that voted in 2016 for brexit were only minority bad, but since then, those calling for this hard brexit anti-remoaner Barry Stanton style discourse and not just a minority bad brexiteers.




Old people