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Lol wtf who’s idea was this and why did they think it was ok and that no-one would say anything haha


This is awesome!


Rajoy finally gone after constant allegations of corruption


Crazy to think people are carrying around hunting/combat knife. Fucking scum


Was sitting outside my house with my friend a couple months before ago and this car pulled up alongside us and they looked in the car, saw two boys wearing tracksuits and just jumped out the car armed with blades I’ve never seen in my life. Four kids. From that moment on I knew that the situation with knives is much worse than it was when I was in secondary school/college. I remember thinking fuck sake am I really gonna die in East London of all places lol.

Kids carry around some of the craziest blades these days and they don’t have any problems doing serious damage with them either.



I really don’t miss living in London. I don’t remember there being many knives at school or on the estates I grew up in/around (though my estate was actually pretty decent and peaceful).

Might just be anecdotal but I know more people that have been affected by crime etc. in the past 10 years I’ve been away than in the 20 years I lived in Camden.




I dont get it…


Edit: got it


What is it with young generation today?

God, I did indeed type that. I feel old


Wtf did I just read :no_mouth:


Good to hear he’s on the mend. All the best Danny.


Playing for Spurs could be quite depressing.


Oh fuck! It sounds terrible. I wish him all best.


Apologies anyone from Ontario, Canada.

Centrists in being greedy hypocrites shocker. :xhaka:

When’s that cuck bastard Trudeau gonna make good on his campaign promise of electoral reform?

Does the idiot know he’s out on his arse next year and another western country will fall to conservatism again next year if he doesn’t?

But of course, it doesn’t matter to the likes of him, these people would rather lose to the right than accept any kind of compromise from the left.

Only good for lip service and wafer-thin random SJW virtue signalling (sorry for using these phrases but this time I feel they are appropriate, as instead of actually fixing the issues and making the country he runs a tangibly better place he’d rather only do enough for the optics for his career and any future BuzzFeed articles etc)


What happened in the elections there??

I was always told that elections in Ontario are the most exciting ones to follow haha


Remember their coked up Toronto mayor? That Ford guy?

His brother just got in, another Trump like reactionary with very little competence. All happened because the Liberal party candidate was beseeched by scandals and their voters were unwilling to vote tactically for the NDP so they could beat the Tories.


Beckham got his daughters teacher pregnant.




Beckham got his daughters teacher pregnant.