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Exactly what I was arguing couple of years ago regarding Police Brutality discussion.
US Police are constantly on edge because of gun being available to everyone.


Although I don’t agree with people having guns anywhere, I saw more guns in Crete when I lived there, than anywhere else I’ve been.

It’s as if the whole place, including tourism, is run by organised crime.
Saying that, you could leave your car unlocked with the keys in it and no one would take it.
There was almost no petty crime by the locals, and the worst examples of bad behaviour was by the English and Germans, usually brawling and threatening people while drunk, while the locals gladly took their money and looked on in amazement.

It just seems that in America that these massacres are becoming so frequent, that people expect it, rather than thinking it’s unlikely to happen again.


They’re busy shooting unarmed people so it’s not really valid in my eyes.


And re the US Police, yeah they’re just really shit and racists.


California looks like a lovely place to move to but I can’t doubt that there is an overriding feeling of fear going by how much of a common occurrence gun crimes like this happen.


I’d be much more worried about the extremely high cost of living in California rather than the gun crime tbh.


Unless you’re in a gang, you’ll be fine. Just like the hundreds of millions of Americans that don’t get shot.


Here’s a headline for you…




I suppose it could be viewed as “silly”, but perception is everything in many things.





You talk of your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used



But Trump deserves the Nobel Peace Prize!!


The most amazing thing about that letter, is that it’s not in crayon.


Probably trying to sell him some alcohol, the drunk fucker.


Big vote in Ireland tomorrow. Abortion has always been illegal here but in 1983 an amendenment was added to our constitution that enshrined equal status between the life of the mother and the baby/foetus.

This has lead to thousands of women a year having to travel to access abortion, usually to England. Rape and incest victims too.

Just like the equal marriage vote three years ago I have belief that my country will do the right thing and remove this from our constitution.

The hometovote hashtag has me in bits tonight. :sob:


This podcast is so fucking funny.

Basically couple of conservatives discussing how these school shooting are staged and kids are just crisis actors.

The extent to which people would go to secure their gun rights.