The General News Thread


I genuinely don’t remember the last time I set foot in a McDonalds.


Drive thru man eh.


I remember more than thirty years ago, before a general election, when Thatcher was in power, they were giving away a copy of the Daily Mail with every meal.

I’m fairly sure that was the last time a bought anything from there.


You must really like the daily mail if you went to mcdonalds to get one.


It would be fair to say that is something else I won’t buy, or even take, if it was given to me.

A big mac wrapped up in the Daily Mail is just fat wrapped in filth as far as I’m concerned, and then popped straight into the bin would be the best destination for both.


I haven’t eaten McDonalds sober for a decade I don’t reckon.


Capuccino McDonald serve is best so I go there


McDonald’s ad came with this disclaimer


Tbf they do a good milkshake.


Mcdonalds is dank y’all trippin.


Another day, another shooting


President Donald Trump tweeted: “School shooting in Texas. Early reports not looking good. God bless all!”

Fuck sakes. So, this cunt is expecting later reports will somehow look better?


In a way you become numb to these stories because they are just so prevalent.

R.I.P to the victims.




getting so badly stupid over there, but of course they will not ban guns or put strict regulations on on them because of then having a hand in government.


Donald Trump seems like a dumb cunt and everyone can now pile all the woes and the offenses the US have made against other countries all on him.

He’s just a scapegoat. Mass shooting exist in America and will continue to do so. Blacks being killed by the police. US sanctioning other countries when they want. Military intervention (attacking and invading) where they want.

Lovely country the USA. Good if you are a law abiding citizen middle class and above.


Yes, it is a nice country, but I have no desire to ever set foot in it. I just can’t feel safe when you know that so many ordinary folk are walking about with a gun in their pocket or handbag.


I feel like this too. It’s probably a bit of a misguided thought process but I’d feel like a bit of a hypocrite having the anti gun positions I do and then going on holiday to the biggest gun economy out there. (Key word I, not remotely suggesting people who go there and are anti gun are hypocrites, just that I’d feel like one).


Even if you end up there, just homeschool your kids.


No offence but this is really silly.

Just as silly as the Americans who say they don’t want to go to Europe because they’re scared of getting blown up in a terror attack or accidentally getting lost in a Muslim “no-go zone”.

I’ve travelled extensively in America (including Chicago, one the highest murder rates in America) and I’ve never seen a gun in public or ever felt scared or threatened EVER.

The only time I’ve seen or touched a gun was when a friend of mine took me to his house and we went out and shot his guns at some old cars and radiators on his land.

Most Americans that own guns keep them at home or at the range, they don’t carry them around on their person (although some do but most states don’t allow concealed carry which means if you have your gun on your person you have to have it in a holster on your hip and most gun owners don’t have the balls for that).

You have as much chance of getting shot in America as a tourist as someone has of getting blown up or run over or stabbed by a terrorist in Europe.