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Sugar is the real thing we need to tackle as a society


That’s not really where the education part is needed.

Obesity in children comes about through a gradual effect. I’d argue most people are aware of the importance of their kids eating healthy but the main thing that leads people to feeding their kids with junk food is cost effectiveness and convenience.

Looking at low income families it can be extremely difficult to prioritise healthy eating on a tight budget or whilst working take your time. I can’t even imagine how single parents with more than 2 young children cope

That’s where the education part is needed. We need to help people negate the barriers to providing healthy food to their kids on a consistent basis. Part of that, along with promoting practical solutions, is continuously emphasising the dangers to your child’s health so people don’t dismiss it


Healthy eating is super cheap.


Absolutely. I get really tired of people using money as an excuse for their bad diet.


It’s actually not.

£20 worth of fresh components for a healthy meal would do well to last an averaged sized low income family 3 days max.

£20 spent at a place like Iceland or Farmfoods guaranteed you’re leaving there with a trolley full of cheap frozen junk food that will last 2 weeks and has a longer than life fresh perishables. I’m talking from personable experience here

The differences in cost and sustainability are well known between eating healthy and junk


One thing the govement and local councils need to do is put a limit on how many takeaways you can have in a town/city.

Educate child in school about eating right, have a pe session everyday it might be the only excirse some children get is at school.


Multi bags of 24 packets of crisps and bulk buying of bottles of fizzy drinks is just plain dumb and waste of anybodys money.


It is.


Explain how it is? Just curious


Even if one doesn’t get to eat healthy food, one can make sure to eat in moderation and exercise.

You can feed yourself on junk food and still not be fat if you are mindful.


stir fry dinner packs from tesco are like £5 which is like 2 portions.

It is cheaper but you have to put the effort in and know about these things.



Really explaining it will mean writing a dissertation, which I won’t. But…

It’s quite simple actually.

The number one reason for obessity is not junk food; or sugar; or alcohol; or whatever else you might want to blame it on.

It’s gluttony. It’s eating too much. And eating too much can never be cheap, regardless whether you stuff yourself with burgers or lobsters.

Nobody who is obese has ever struggled to put food on the table. Have you guys seen people who live in poverty? They are never fat I can tell you that.

Plenty of cheap, healthy food out there. Regular small portions heals both your body and your wallet.

That’s as far as I will go because I don’t live in the UK and cannot give you examples with local prices.




I can’t help but think you’re looking at obesity issue in general terms from the POV of an adult rather than from a child, which was the original focus of this discussion.

Buying and preparing healthy foods isn’t cheap or convenient for a low income working family with parents juggling various commitments. If it was I doubt we’d be having a child obesity issue at all

Gluttony isn’t the main issue here at all. By the time a child is 7 a parent would have usually fined tuned their food portions to ensure there isn’t lots wastage at meal times

It’s a combination of parents consistently providing their kids with processed foods high in sugars and fat at meal sittings and children excessively snacking of products high in sugar various points throughout the day

Gluttony is only an issue in very serious cases of child obesity, where a child had been neglected or enabled by a parent to the point where they over eat of junk and a parent has not done anything to stop it.


2 portions is fine if ur single or a couple but no good for a family off 4 it would be 10 just for one meal then for that week that’s £40 a month that could be a months shop for a family


I thought this was OA but I seem to have stumbled across fucking mumsnet. Next thing we’ll be comparing the cost of our weekly grocery shops in Tesco vs Morrisons


True, but how much do McDonalds meals cost?

Fish Fillet meal costs about £5, X by 4 that’s £20 for a day, double the stir frys

I guess others would be cheaper, but even half that for a meal (£2.50) X 4 would you get to the £10 a day figure.

Now you are right that £40 a month is tough for many families, but I’m struggling to see any fast food that is cheaper than that.


Lazy parenting also. I know families that go mcdonalds 3 or 4 times a week. That aint cheap.


About £28 it would cost me to feed the misses and 2 kids aswell as myself.

A bag off chips and a bag of chicken drummers =£2.5 x4 = £10 them 2 items can great 4 meals well u get more meals with a bag off chips.

It’s cheaper buying shit food because you get more for ur bucks. Buying frozen veg is still cheap aswell so no excuse for people not to have a balanced diet


Yeah fucking hell, on the rare occasion I go to McDonalds and I don’t want to leave hungry I end up spending like upwards of £10.

Ok fair the Coca Cola probably doesn’t fill me up much more than the water would but still, and it doesn’t make up much of that £10 anyway.