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I didn’t even know uk local elections were happening. Are councils etc a bit of an irrelevance these days?


Well they’re all skint and don’t fix potholes so I don’t think it makes much difference.


Was just England.


Blackpool is nicer than anywhere in Europe anyway


I’m not sure why EHIC has to go. It’s not free and doesn’t have to be an EU only thing. If a Brit needs care in Europe I’m pretty sure the UK gets the bill, so it’s not like anyone is doing anyone else any special favours with it.

And I’m pretty sure we pay out a lot more to European countries than we claim back.


You are aware of the term “Brits abroad”, right? :sweat_smile:


I don’t get that. There are more Europeans in the UK, surely the UK government would be treating lots of people and claiming back significant amounts?!


I don’t think so, seem to remember reading an article like we pay france 100m and they pay us 10m or something but it might have been right wing bollocks.

Edit this was the story, i assume i didn’t read it on sky the first time around


Philips really is a vile woman


No doubt that both Saudi and Israel are very happy right now.


I don’t know much about the deal if I’m honest but it does seem as if alot of what he said in his speech was incorrect.

Also, it is weird how Saudi and Israel are getting closer and closer in the region. Can’t help but feel as if it’ll escalate between Israel/Saudi and Iran.


Why? Both are states created, maintained and supported by the us and great Britain.

They have become more overtly close but their strategic objectives always aligned with the same parent mindset, of US and UK.

Anyways, I think too much trade has already begun between the European countries like France and Germany, and Iran for sanctions etc to come back now.

Especially when the US is so obviously the bad guy/unreasonable actor in this situation.

Think all this will do is further ostracise the US from the rest of the world and underline the fact that since 2016, the US-UK hegemony on world power they enjoyed since the Berlin Wall came down is now being eroded. Funnily enough by themselves.

They are no longer the authority on many world matters.


I get what you’re saying, and the history of both states shows why they’re such important allies for the US and UK. Yet recently the Israeli and Saudi leaders have been speaking (relatively) well of eachother. I get the mutual distrust of Iran but why they’re getting so close recently suggests tensions will rise further.

Also the world is certainly heading towards a multilateral order, but one where the US will still probably dominate global affairs, although China will no doubt challenge this where viable and important to them. I also don’t see this as the US retreating, this is definitely Trump flexing the USA’s muscle on an already complicated area/region.

Whether the US actually sanctions European countries/firms that continue to trade with Iran will be key!


I’m curious to see if the other signatories would still support the deal,after the US reimposes banking sanctions on their companies and an oil embargo on Iran again.


I can’t think of many reasons for pulling out of the Iran deal other than a) because it’s what Trump promised he’d do because Obama did it, and b) because it’s what Israel want.

Terrible foreign policy.


I’ve always found the topic of dealing with childhood obesity interesting.

I’m not sure how effective the policy below will be, Seems to be a token ban and will have no real effect imo. Banning ads doesn’t really reduce the appeal of already established brand names who are well known for selling junk food.

In order to deal with this issue, I think it has to start at the family home and school. Parents, those in the low income bracket, need greater education on the importance of healthy meals and daily exercise for children.

Schools should increase the amount of hours dedicated to PE and implement healthy menus. Not sure if they already do this.


It doesn’t help that any generic high road in London has a plague of cheap chicken shops where you can buy a meal and more for £2-3.


Yeah it’s a token ban. People are uneducated to these things is the problem so unless you’re going to educate them they’ll stay stupid.

I was an overweight 10-11 year old because my mum would make me whatever I wanted which was normally adult portions of bolognese or chips. I was allowed to skip a lot of veg because I didn’t like it and drank proper coke. Then school lunch would be pizza and chips because they added up to £1.20 which was the free school meal limit.

But apart from “vegetables are good for you” and “exercise is good for you” I don’t think my parents truly appreciated nutrition and we were taught pretty much nothing about it at school.


Do you really need education to know being fat is not okay or conducive to a good lifestyle?