The General News Thread


No its not, it is absolutely them trying to convey something through body language. It’s a bit like how many mainstream politicians don’t point, they make a gesture with a closed fist with the thumb placed on top, because people apparently regard pointing negatively.


Your body language point may be valid for the first pic of DC but the bottom 3 pictures are clearly people adjusting themselves for paparazzi at big photo ops lol

Major event, Multiple cameras with multiples shots being taken you’re going to get slightly odd shots like the last 3

I don’t expect a bunch of politicians to know how to move for the camera so all their pics are flattering.

The gesture thing is real tho tends to be obvious on TV or video appearances


Surely nobody adjusts themselves for pictures by massively spreading their legs like that?

Think there are vids of them standing like that, and it’s intentional. And weird as fuck.

Reminds me of something that bald Tory press guy on the thick of it would suggest.


Osborne and Javid are clearly posing, you could make a case for May maybe not posing based on just the picture, but it’s an established pose so it isn’t accidental.

It’s called the “power pose”, Google it if you feel like it.


Got alot images of wonder woman and tips of how to impose yourself in the workplace :rofl:

Read a few recent articles, maybe it is a thing :thinking: or coincidental sensationalism.


Blatantly briefed to stand like that.

I remember that Tory conference a few years back when every single speaker strutted out legs akimbo to the point I was amazed they didn’t collapse.





Turns out the capitalist likes making money.



Hahaha the ‘unguarded moment’ that was done in front of a camera! Someone wanted their five minutes of fame :joy:


Being weird is the main personality trait for being a career politician.


I’ve had a closer look at the pose and I’ve figured it out. Allow me to crudely demonstrate my case

Wake up sheeple


You know what I love about modern Britain?

The fact that people like Sajid Javid and Sadiq Khan, who are both the sons of a bus driver, rose to the top of their respective careers and are now prominent and capable politicians serving the public.



Microsoft paint job?


Image editor on my phone lol


Daily Mail going full Daily Mail lol


According to the Daily Mail there’s already a breakdown of trust between political elites and the public so that’s not much of a threat.


I’d say it went 50/50.


Pretty average results for both main parties. Labour was a bit over-optimistic where as the Conservatives appear to be happy with mediocrity


That’s why it looks a bit shit for Labour despite the results a) projecting a narrow Labour general election win, and b) putting Labour on more than double Tory local councils. But yeah, feels a little disappointed despite a solid enough performance. Basically without a centre ground, the country is split in two with Brexit most likely the main reason.