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I know. I was just making a statement.


I think people only see value in it because of the financial security that comes along with it. My parents bought their house in 1968 for like $30,000, and it’s worth upwards of $850,000 now. My dad never made a ton of money but because of the house they owned they were able to provide for all 5 of us without my mom ever working. In fact they refinanced their home a couple years back, pulled out $100,000 and their house payment actually went down $200 per month :joy: Anyways really it’s just about as sound of an investment as you can make.


^ This.



Not at all a surprise. The pressure was too much for her clearly and there was no alternative.

It’s a shame because she always seems to be one the more sane members of the cabinet


may next hopefully cos this whole thing is actually on her.


Career wise Home Secretary is a very dangerous position to occupy generally. Accountable for a lot things that can go sideways


It’s a nightmare position you’re right, I never really noticed that before. May was actually a worse Home Secretary imo, not sure how she has become PM.


Me and my gf have a couple of friends who are civil servants working in the Brexit team and they said much the same, that Rudd is one of the only sane ones in that cabinet and that it’s not really for the best that she goes. They’re both what is commonly referred to as “moderates”, one Labour and one Conservative, so there’s quite possibly something in what they say.

I’m still glad that she’s gone personally though.


Yeah, if there was a semblance of accountability in this country then May would go.

Resign bitch


If you think Rudd was bad, wait until you see her successor, because it could be Gove, and who knows what that right wing nutter could do.


It’s Sajid Javid.


Yeah I’ve heard much the same as well! She was certainly one of the few Conservative cabinet members that is not part of the Brexit dogma that is surrounding this government.

I must say that I was impressed with her during one of the 2017 television debates (I think it was in Cambridge). Not only was she arguably the best performer that night but she also attended in place of Theresa May even though he father had passed away a few days before. Once again she’s taking the fire for May…


She’s lost her human shield now though. Hopefully that’ll hurt her but I’m not holding my breath, expecting that it’ll probably all go away now that they’ve made Rudd the proverbial sacrificial lamb.


:joy::joy::joy: The fucking state of the pose


May standing like she’s got enormous knackers.


Yeah, it’s just weird. I’ve seen the same trend here with news reporters and presenters. Maybe it’s to convey a sense of accountability or trustworthiness. Can’t say it has that effect on me.


Maybe it just a oddly captured stills of people as they’re adjusting for shutter cameras as their picture is being taken.




That picture of Osbourne typifies the Eton educated, Tory boy, elite.
He looks like the posh kid who was bullied at school but made it to the top of the political ladder through his deviousness and his families wealth and, in this photo, has been told to look tough for the cameras.

All he has done is made himself look like a shop window dummy, which perfectly reflects his personality.