The General News Thread


Hahaha and that wasn’t an argument I was making :arteta:


Speak for yourself motherfucker


Young people are shut out of the housing market, here’s a solution, stop giving them adequate space to live in. That’ll make it more affordable.


I’ve never understood the fascination with home ownership.


So I can carve a Giroud mural into the wall without a landlord evicting me for criminal damage


Comes in pretty handy if you own a lot of them and rent them out. :wink:


I certainly understand it as a business.


It’s psychological mainly.

Owning your own home is a pretty meaningful thing.


I get that people find it meaningful. I’m saying I don’t understand why.


It about equity and security.

A house is the most expensive thing most ordinary people will ever own. Owning your own home is a milestone in life which symbolises years of hard work.


I can think of many things I’d rather spend that money on :slight_smile:

Plus I move very often. I get itchy feet.


Like paying rent?

Renting sucks, I hate the idea of using my hard earned money to pay somebody’s else mortgage whilst being contrained by tenancy agreements.

Personally I’d be much happier paying off my own mortgage payments for my own place.

but I get it, some people are into the nomadic thing which is fair enough if you’re in your 20s but when you get older you will need stability and security


Seems to be a much bigger thing here than a lot of other countries.


I’m 42 mate. I’ve been here only two years, and I’m already looking into moving :slight_smile:


Oh shit, wasn’t aware. Fair do’s


Not to mention it’s an asset that can be passed down generations and give the next generation of your family something to build upon in this brutal capitalistic money grabbing society.


Jules it’s probably because you can rent a place for years and then move and have fuck all to show for it. If you own a property and decide to move all the money you’ve been paying to live there then represents an investment, and you get something back. You aren’t at the mercy of some cunt landlord who might neglect the property you live in or kick you out forcing you into moving. Perhaps if there were stricter rules governing landlords I’d feel differently, but there’s no sign of that happening. Plus mortgage repayments are cheaper than rent in most cases.

I’d have thought it’s pretty obvious why people want to own the property they live in.


I guess if you have children, the mindset will be different.


I think that depends on whereabouts you live. I’ve never had issues with landlords.

This seems to be more of an issue when you live in an urban area.


eeesh. Horrible for his family