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@sevchenko was pretty much accurate with his assessment.

The difference is that most people contribute to society in the way of taxes and helping others and not being a burden on society.

Travellers leave a mess where ever they have been and it’s the rest of us that have to foot the bill.
The local council, near me, had a 50k clean up bill because of them, which the locals had to pay but they contributed nothing.

I have nothing but contempt for them.


As someone who actually knows people from that community, it’s a pretty silly accusation.


What a government we have

@Calum we have to GTFO man better not bottle it again.


I’ve been back in the UK since the end of December, everyday I see the news is another day I wonder what the fuck I’ve done by moving back here. This place is so different to what it was 6 years ago.


I was pretty outraged so did a little bit of digging.

The tweet you posted might be right about our government giving out the booklet, but the impression it gives is that it’s something we’ve produced, which doesn’t quite seem to be the case.

So that advice about faking an accent is a bit less appalling, if it is coming from Jamaican charities and authorities rather than our cunt government that is kicking those people out.


Actually yeah looks like it’s a report from NGOs and other charities.

But it does seem to be used by the government and has been produced with governmental support.


Lmao, so it’s not the advice itself that is offensive, it’s who is giving the advice? So a white man in England can’t tell you to fake a Jamaican accent, but the black man in Jamaica can? Am I understanding this correctly?


Nah it’s more that the man on the street (black or white) can say that kind of thing, but it sounds kinda shit coming from the government that’s deporting you after 50 years of you staying here legally.


why are legals getting deported in the first place?


Because old people


Thanks Elec. So no, @Arsenal4thetreble, you are not understanding this correctly. I thought it was fairly clear from my last sentence but maybe you just read what you wanted to read here? But maybe I’m wrong and I should have been clearer.

I think it’s one thing for people from a country to advise people coming to live in their country that it could be dangerous for them as they sound like a foreigner. It’s another thing to kick people out of their country and basically say, “you aren’t British enough to stay here but you aren’t Jamaican enough to be entirely safe there, so start working on your Jamaican accent mate. Bye.”

I resent this government and I dislike what they’re doing here, so that would also inform what my opinion would be if they were the ones publishing this advice. I definitely would have found it pretty appalling.


everyone frothing at the mouth at the opportunity to have another go at the browns when the Toronto van attack happened, yet not a peep from the usual suspects once the identity of the attacker became known.

He belonged to the deadliest group of terrorists around, if you would look at attacks and shootings in the west alone - sexually frustrated white males.

Think something has to be done about this toxic masculinity that makes these guys so hate filled for not getting any sex, it has caused many more deaths in the US/Canada than other ideologies and motives they so attempt to understand in vain.

Check out the article I posted above at the state of the problem. I also remember posting a video about that Eliot Rogers guy in the old forum. These people need help and guidance.


How come you left Norway mate?


Yeh this incel shit is scary af.


I’d never even heard of an incel before today.


We often look for extremism in religions yet we tend to forget that a majority of the time these acts are carried out by young men who try and find a purpose through disturbing online websites and ‘trends’. Not sure how it can be overcome but something needs to be done.


Was thinking the same. Insane how inventions like the internet are mostly good but has unintended effects. No way does this extremist stuff happen on the scale it does without the galvanizing force of the web. These guys view that Santa Barbara shooter and his manifesto as gospel, one has to think that without the internet there is no such place a mentally ill individual can go and be brain washed by someone as equally sick into believing that because you can’t get laid you are opressed and must kill normies,


The thing with 4chan and Reddit is anonymity is key. It immediately cuts out the social awkwardness which you tend to find in a workplace or any other social juncture. I work with a bunch of builders and I’m sure if I complained of being sexually starved, they’d take the piss out of me for it (for a good while too) however, I’m confident they would offer me a solution by going out and “picking up birds woooiiiii”.

I know it might be more complex than that for some given their mind frame, but it starts off with one thought. Or the emotional attachment to that thought.

Without exploring a solution to that, googling about it, finding other people who feel the same way and walking down that rabbit hole whereby that one thought or emotion is manifested into The Thing from ‘The Thing’.


I think people underestimate how devastating and damaging to a person loneliness and neglect can be.


I don’t doubt that for one second, but it doesn’t mean someone should go out and kill people.