The General News Thread


Or, we could just invest rather than divest in our police force and community services.


Shooter at Youtube HQ, apparently it’s a female.


It has become so boring :neutral_face:


Oh well


This is what happens when you have a government who are continuing to neglect the importance of investing in young people.


The shooter is bit of a weirdo.
Well apart from obvious hints from shooting people.


IMO he’s done nothing wrong. Enter someone’s house uninvited and it’s self defence


Depends on if he kept on stabbing once the man was incapacitated, or was trying to flee.


Problem is though you can stab, then allow suppsoed escape then the fucker gets up and decides to attack you instead of leaving and thats a very big genuine risk no way of telling unless you do it. If you do it it might be your own life on the line.


All that over fucking YouTube money. What an absolute cunt.


Right, but you can’t just kill someone because they’re stealing your shit. That’s a crime.

Hard to tell with this case, because the details aren’t really clear.


Oh yeah for sure, just was saying you have no idea wtf that a person that has the balls to go into your home will do to defend themselves and the length they will go to for their protection considering what they are willing to do to take what is not theirs.



Even if the bloke is a total scumbag in the eyes of most of us, I can totally understand wanting a shrine or memorial to their dad/husband/brother/whatever the fuck. I probably still would even if my dad was a wrong’un.

But how about having a semblance of class and not doing it on the fucking property of the 78 year old man and disabled woman he probably frightened half to death when he carried out an armed burglary. Them still being traumatised is a legitimate concern, take your fucking flowers elsewhere you wankers.


Right on, Jakey. I don’t know who initiated this ‘shrine’ but if it was the cunt’s family, then they’re almost as bad as he was.


Too much or nah?


That’s clear provocation by a group of people who are a drain on society’s resources.
They are hated by the vast majority of the population, for good reason, yet still carry on this farce.

I would like to see how they would react if the situation was reversed.
What are they trying to prove by doing this?


Can you elaborate on this?


Probably referring to typical allegations against the Traveller community which maintains they disproportionally consume public funds and services because of various issues relating to or directly caused by a relatively small community.

I think that what he was getting at.


Most people are a drain on society’s resources. That’s why society has resources :thinking: