The General News Thread


I did find it odd how many cases there seems to be at this point…


I’m convinced it was Russia. Most probably done to warn potential enemies that England isn’t a safe-haven. I’m guessing that most big shot Russians fleeing or organising against Putin end up in UK.

Of course, I support Jezza’s main thrust, i.e. not to inflame matters without proper evidence, that’s just sensible. And he’s quite right to prefer going after the money as a response, which is the only purposeful response that isn’t suicidal. Obviously May isn’t going to expose London as the money-laundering capital of the world, and harm her own interests, so I guess we just get more of the same sabre rattling empty fluff until the media get bored and we can all forget about it.


As someone who’s from the mainland what the fuck is going on in Telford?


So Cambridge Analytica are fucked then?

Hope Facebook is brought down with them somehow.




racist or not, what a dumb thing to do. People really need to realise, no matter how private you think a chat is, putting something incriminating into it is never a good idea.


^ This. Especially when you’re allegedly as smart as lawyers are supposed to be.


Racists they are and trust me there is no place in society for this behaviour !! Id fck these cunts up if I ever came across them.


I’ve watched this a few times now. It’s very powerful. I hope these kids keep talking. I hope they inspire theirs and the next generation and some generations that went before them.


Those other 3 minutes felt like an eternity.
It was awkward during the time but at the end, it made sense.

Well done her.






They have a “surprise” for her :hipster:


Unfortunately this disgusting shit goes on a hell of a lot.


They may pull this “right” thing, but does she have the right to stay the fuck away from them? I would hope so.


what the hell skys sports


More senseless death in the Capital.

Drastic measures are needed to curb this endemic violence. Heavy police presence in high risk areas with stop and search increased


Instinctively I agree, something has to be done and this naturally feels like it would be helpful, but I’m not entirely sure if it would be the case. I remember something from the Home Office a few years back saying that they had no evidence that stop and search works as a way of preventing crime, and we all know that if done badly/irresponsibly it can cause further alienation of the people it should be helping.


Valid points, I haven’t reviewed any past data recently on if it’s truly effective or but the public need strong visual reassurance. People in the worse affected areas are totally fed up, you’d be surprised how many of them back stop and search in spite the risks

Very disturbing knowing there are individuals out there willing to use firearms in commision of their violent acts. Absolutely disgusting, makes me truly sick tbh.

I’ve always wondered how effective well funded youth programs are in high crime areas? My concern is that it doesn’t really eradicate gang/street culture