The General News Thread


I agree in regarding to the interference in elections rhetoric, but it seems as if this is a state sanctioned killing on British territory. That’s a bit more than baseless hysteria.

@Electrifying agree on the point about sanctions. The government will be very reluctant to hit bug investors so this rhetoric will probably amount to very little haha


Rhetoric is all it is, trying to appear tough to members of the public concerned by Russia doing whatever the fuck they want on British soil.

Rhetoric it sounds like you’ve fallen for. World War 3, come on.


If you say so.

These people need to realise there is only so much you can cry wolf.

Blaming anything and everything (Brexit, indyref closeness etc) on russian meddling, calling them attacks on sovereignty, then when they actually do something, say the same thing.

There’s only so much shit flung at the Russians that they will take as well.


I don’t see it as being Russia’s interests to start world war 3 because Theresa May is posturing and trying to appear tough to the British public, but OK.

Let’s agree to disagree.

Best thing about it is, when it doesn’t happen I can gloat. If it does happen we’ll all be dead and I won’t have to worry about you rubbing it in. Perfect.




How do you know I’m not posting here from my underground lead plated nuclear bunker?

When the apocalypse happens I will. @ you right here, and I get to do my gloating :hipster:


What the actual fuck!!


Just down the road from me ??


Whats your issue exactly?


the constant sabre-rattling tbh


That’s insane. Kids would literally fear for their life.


Such an odd nation


The sabre rattling usually annoys me. But I dont get why its an issue in this case.


It’s a case for me of, look at the sabre rattling done when Russia actually do fuck all.

Now they’ve actually done something, it seems the rattling has to go to a whole new level, so it doesn’t look like we bottle it and capitulate, looking weak. Which a weak leader must be conscious of.

So I suppose I’m vexed by the previous sabre rattling and concerned where this new level leads us.


Uncle Putin shows no mercy. He is a terrorist.


I think May could do as much sabre rattling and threatening as she likes.
She is someone, who when asked for an example of what had she done wrong when she was younger, replied, “running through a wheatfield.”

Putin is a psychopath, leading a country run by organised crime.

I hardly think he is going to be quaking in his boots at any threat by her.
Although I would imagine he is having a good laugh at her and her tough guy cronies like Jacob Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson.


They could not give less of a shit. :joy:


Any further thoughts given what Corbyn has been saying about this?


Better, that comment was my reaction to hearing that Theresa May’s speech was met with cross party support.

Think Corbyns words were pretty nuanced and he is brave for going against the baying mob unquestioningly swallowing the government and intelligence line.

In the past I’d also have gone along with it and trusted the govt, but Iraq really does stick in people’s memories and they are a lot more sceptical and cynical.

Lets see what happens.


This Russia is a big distraction from the failing brexit deal