The General News Thread


Haha but that’s LIVING that doesn’t count like backpacking through Bhutan or something


Kids are terrible.


Add 18+ years to your current age before you get your life back ffs !!!




Loads of Skunk about apparently :wink:


I know it’s a joke, but the picture on the left, is pretty much what the picture in the right is made up of…


Not really the point is it?


They took the ‘i’ from Militia and stuck it in “bois”, but where’d the ‘y’ go? Same place as that guy’s tooth?


I think they’re both pretty much on the right :wink:


Cazzo merda @Gio! Populism has taken over Italy.


Can’t wait till Theresa may takes us into world war 3 with Russia, because of her stupidity and pathetic weakness as a leader


Wasn’t her speech met with cross party support?


Well I suppose I’d add Labour into that as well, pathetic opposition


Why women politicians wanna start WWIII for though? :smirk:


I’m quite supportive of May’s stance on the issue so far if I’m honest. As a Labour supporter I’m more worried by Corbyn’s (lack of) stance to the issue.


Just feel like it’s an opportunity for our weak leader to inflame tensions with a dangerous superpower to rally support around her.

What Russia did if it is confirmed it was them, was bad and the right response is necessary imo.

Would love if the city would stop laundering their dirty money through their banks, and hit them with these kinds of sanctions that are sure to hit them where it hurts.

Unfortunately for many reasons this won’t happen.


Well that’s pretty hysterical of you, as if she’ll take us to war with Russia lol


This whole histeria about Russia is annoying. First Clinton now her


Western politicians could have fooled me, with some of the charged rhetoric they are spouting day after day.