The General News Thread


You can’t buy a Kinder Egg in the USA. You can buy guns and then give them to your kinder.

Hopefully Child Services gets involved.


Of course, as has always been the case. The extremes on both sides are dangerous.


I see people saying this a lot, but I just bought a kinder egg yesterday tho, so maybe the ones we have are different??


Maybe it’s a state thing? Apparently they were banned because people were worried kids would choke on the toy in the kinder egg


Lol yeah, same shit had a toy in the one I bought for my kid.


British media still say this about Kinder eggs even yesterday, that’s why I mentioned it. They lie then. :no_mouth:

While we’re on the subject. Giant Kinder Easter Eggs for £2. :cech:


Why are they in the bleach and washing up liquid aisle?


That’s where mother with their kids lurk?

Clever product placement and impulse purchase


That’s why they are £2.

The surprise is they’re full of bleach.


Because if you are a parent you avoid the candy aisle like the plague if want a nice quiet shopping experience. You would think the cleaning product aisle would be safe, wrong. You turn the corner, kinder eggs everywhere, you gotta buy one just to shut them up at that point. Merchandising 101.


Having kids sounds awful no offence curt my girlfriend is getting broody as fuck and honestly it really scares me


^ mwahaha

Time to bury those dreams of reestablishing the Danelaw in c21st Britain Cristo. It’s the 9-5 life and nappy changing for you soon by the sounds of it :grimacing:


Lol nah it’s far from awful. When you have a kid it’s like you but a much cooler smarter version of you, kids are awesome. They are brats though, but the good far outweighs the bad :grin:


Yeah I just graduated my masters 2 weeks ago and start a job in a bank in London in July and now I’m getting a shit tonne of angst about having not travelled to Southeast Asia and South America for like 6 months.

Maybe I can manage to squeeze in a month somewhere before I start so I can at least pretend I went travelling and got dysentery while finding myself.

She’s already looking at wedding venues and I thought the dog would slow her down :sweat:

I really wanted to make Danelaw happen again as well, although I guess the thought of shagging a bunch of northern birds really isn’t that appealing truth be told


At times I am glad I am ugly.
Thought of marriage and kids scares me shitless.


The dog was an awful idea, far from slowing us down and acting as some form of hopefully distracting surrogate, it merely reinforces our impending desire for motherhood :smile: collective ‘we’ I hasten to add



Yeah we treat the dog like our little child, it’s odd even I know it’s odd. Oh god babies are so expensive and noisy and gross too and I haven’t even done any travelling or anything I feel like I need to squeeze in a couple of months in Southeast Asia or South America before I start in London just so I can feel alive for a little bit before I start the old 9-9 with no holiday and waiting to die


I’ve been with my Mrs for 7 years and haven’t succumbed to the marriage pressure as of yet.


You’ve lived in how many countries? :joy:


Can always travel on your honeymoon :campbell: