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Everything below the Bible Belt would erupt. So maybe not a civil war, but certainly a war between lots of Americans and their government.



Like I said. Fight the information/education war first. Then slowly pass legislation, step by step, to make guns as available to the public as they are in other western countries. Guns can easily be stigmatised like cigarettes were (another example of hundreds of years in history going from one polar opposite to the other-- the U.S. is now the place where cigarette smoking is most looked down upon in the world) once again, it’s just a matter of the powers at be deciding to.

Agreed; absolute evidence of the drastic and expedient measures needed.

*addiction is different than dependency. You can’t be dependent on something that has no physiologically addictive properties. Addictions can be replaced with others, or curbed. Dependencies are another matter.


I don’t think it would. Maybe if they tried to take guns from people that would happen but not being allowed buy one? I don’t see it causing an adverse reaction on that level.


Two different conversations. You are talking about what should happen, which most sane people around the globe would agree with. I’m talking about what realistically can and will happen. Gun culture is real and you either don’t understand the ramifications of said culture which is a distinct possibility considering you are are 5,000 miles away, across the ocean, or you just are just wrongfully dismissing how important it is in the conversation. I just find it laughable that your solution is “just change the laws” like it’s a simple thing to do lol.


You think it’s changed especially in southern states? The US vice president is on the record in favor of gay conversion therapy. A large somewhat silent majority still exist in this country who are against gays, want weapons, and voted trump into office. Attitudes like yours is why we have the issue, liberals are so blind because the western media only speaks for one side nobody realizes what’s lurking, or largely ignore it.


To be fair public opinion on gay marriage is fairly high in the States and other western states. Of course there will always be homophobic people, but I think chnages in law go someway in changing the opinions of a majority of people.

Also attitudes like @AbouCuellar are really not the reason why there is an issue with gun control. Plenty of ‘liberals’ understand there is a significant degree of support for the second ammendment in the US, particularly in the Southern states. ‘Understanding’ why people want to keep their guns really won’t help lead to a solution, sometimes the differences are just irrevocable.


Being unique is a binary concept. Something is either unique or not, there are no gradations.

Even by my standards that is remarkably cuntish pedantry. There’s my contribution to the discussion.


Brother Tonga laughs 2nd Amendment.
What is this , then a musket in 1790 now a hand held machine gun.
Barbarity, this not how a civilised nation lives.


And nothing will change while that remains the case. They shouldn’t be and something drastic needs to be done to change things. And I’m obviously simplifying things because I know how laws work and that they don’t just change overnight.

What’s your solution by the way? All you’re doing is knocking other people’s because we don’t understand “the culture”.


Didn’t bother Australians when they were asked to give up their gun culture.

The fallout is overstated.
The older generation will make a huge fuss but every new generation will be indifferent to it.


To a certain extent I agree, the attitude isn’t the “real” reason. It’s more of a reason why things aren’t getting changed. That attitude isn’t going to change people’s minds, people who want to own guns are gonna own guns. The attitude is holding back change though. There are more sane people in this country than the gun toting wackos, but it’s that lackadaisical attitude that Cuellar and the media are guilty of that stunt growth. For example I feel you are way off on the gay rights thing. Sure the law changed but it was a 5 - 4 supreme court decision, hardly a unanimous decision by any means, yet media outlets, the enterainment industry, and others act as if there aren’t a huge number of ppl in the country pissed off about the whole thing.

The right are passionate about their beliefs whereas the left love to lecture everyone from their moral high ground, but when it comes to action they are notorious for not doing shit. Trump winning the election was eye opening, and liberals are having a hard time coming to grips with the reality that half the country have much different values from their own. Anyways there so many layers ro this conversation. Everything in this country is broken, and corrupt.


This is America. Ridiculous country


My solution is the same as yours, there is no other solution. I want guns banned just the same as you. Just as I’d like health care to be free for everyone and not cost and arm and a leg. Medicine to be readily available to all and not have greedy big pharm pricing ppl out that don’t have insurance. While we’re at it can we just pass some laws to change the whole rigged two party system here in the US as well so we can get some qualified, non corrupt candidates?


When I’ve stopped crying I’m a gonna take my new toy to school to show all my friends…then I’m a gonna shoot them.


By the way, as you can see from the video kids are taught at an early age that guns are a way of life. It’s so maddening to hear talking heads in the news saying the next generation is going to change things. Well half of the next generation is growing up crying tears of joy because they just got a gun for their birthday. Yes I’m sure those kids as adults will be on board with banning fire arms. Some people are so out of touch with reality it’s no surprise there is no dialogue.


Talking about people out of touch with reality, nice move by the massively old, white and male NRA to push its new female voluntary propaganda machine as an immediate response to Florida, a change of tactics compared to previous post-shooting events.



That’s not correct. Trump’s base is around the 30% mark. A lot of the country, who in 2008 & 2012 voted for Obama, voted for Trump in 2016.

Not because they shared the conservative ideology, but as a big fuck you to the DNC and Hilary Clinton, who are just as corrupt as the GOP and Trump. And because the DNC are so fucking deluded, I bet they’ll run Hilary again in 2020, and she’ll lose again.


The Democratic nominee in 2020 will most likely be Elizabeth Warren, or, if they’re really savvy and willing to roll the dice a little, Kirsten Gillibrand


Yeah it’s not a scientific post lol, and tbh I wasn’t necessarily talking about Trumps base when I said 50%. What I meant by that comment is that Liberals act as if they have the moral high ground and everything they say is gospel, when in reality there is a large group out there that have different ideals. There’s the hard core conservative south which is probably what makes up a majority of the 30% you talk about, but then there are a lot of classic liberals who don’t see eye to eye either with the super lefties. If you really want to get into the weeds, the DNC lost the election when they decided to fuck Sanders out of the nomination in favor of Clinton. Alienated a huge part of their base. Just nothing but corruption.


I’d like to see that, but I don’t see it happening at all.