The General News Thread

Well all those diversity managers and they team need to be paid :roll_eyes:




I thought the words in the tweet were a joke :ozil:

Guess his old age couldn’t hide the truth anymore. Freudian slip of epic proportions.

So Georgie. When do you turn yourself in at international criminal court of The Hague?


@Kroenkeoutplease what do you think about him saying Putin and rigged elections.

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What George Bush Jr?

I can’t say I’m a fan of his at all. I think he set the planet back in multiple ways.

Regarding Putin I think he probably has very wide support in Russia although this is assisted by his strong control of the media and elimination of dissenting views and those who express them. I don’t know if he’s rigged elections on top of this.

“While rubbing her leg, he reportedly offered to buy the attendant a horse if she would “do more.” (The story notes that the attendant rode horses.)"

lol can’t write this shit


The article is a hit piece :rofl: the friend of the allege victim came forward not the victim. The supposed victim refused to talk :man_shrugging:t5: I can’t take it seriously because every thing in the article is “alleged”. Now these dirty dirty smear merchants can cite each other for they hit pieces “according to”


Please just fucking no :person_facepalming:

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My understanding is that this isn’t something to worry about.
We’ll see.

Ingestible pills with a microchip. Compliance. This comes from the mouth of Pfizer.

Just invent a reason. And there will be people defending this crap. :joy:

We have a vaccine that is likely very effective because monkeypox is similar to a disease we have eradicated from this world thanks to vaccines - smallpox.

However this is just the first of mysterious diseases we will be faced with as we ruin our environment.


Compliance…fuck me.

Nope. That’s not correct. The person took an action, the details in the article are contained in an affadavit given by a friend and taken as part of that action.

The agreement also included restrictive non-disclosure and non-disparagement clauses that bar the attendant from ever discussing the severance payment or disclosing any information of any kind about Musk and his businesses, including SpaceX and Tesla.

That’s free speech absolutist Elon Musk in action.



Shut up and let me worship my corporate daddy in peace!


Definitely not a coincidence that this story is coming out now :slight_smile:


Projection much my guy not everyone thinks like you

Lol guessing protecting company secrets is a bad thing in your eyes. Doesn’t mean musk has done any wrong doing :rofl:

You think a flight attendant/masseuse knows spaceX corporate secrets? Lol.

The point isn’t that protecting such secrets is bad, the point is Musk is a massive hypocrite and his stance of being a “free speech absolutist” is clealry bollocks.

Any chance you want to address how you were wrong with your previous post?

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I’m guessing reading comprehension isn’t your strong point :man_shrugging:t5: