The General News Thread

A lot of increased demand.

Combined with brexit supply chain issues.

Another day, another story showing how life here in the UK is becoming :slightly_smiling_face:

HRT availability has always been shit, pre-COVID, tbf.

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This is so fucking mad hahahahahaha

Why not have people that work on the grounds Nd give a consultation.

Why are all these pharma companies that dont work, giving ideas when they know nothing about what the job and system is?

I got 2 ideas that will sort most of it out but may take time (less time than this shot because this doesn’t sort anything out)

  1. Give better pay and hours so you don’t keep haemorrhaging staff to better countries.

  2. Sort social care out properly and have a proper place where vulnerable people can be cared for in the community as well as they are by hospital nursing staff, so they don’t block beds despite being medically well!

This government is just so so so awful.

And I need all public sector workers to strike en masse so they get at least some consequence to their actions.

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Oh look at these awful Russians and Syrians using white phosphorus, what a war crime!

Why won’t these minorities get behind Ukraine like we pine for them??!!!

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Oh and by the way, only one side in that Middle East conflict killing journalists…

There will be a reckoning, and one day Israelis and those who aided and abetted them, will receive it.

It’s not controversial. It’s literally illegal.

But hey ho.

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Nothing is illegal when the U.S. or the U.K. does it. :slight_smile:

Boris doesn’t think working from home works because his work ethic sucks.

Very weird (not really) to see senior Tories pushing this anti WFH concept - it’s very regressive thinking.

I understand the arguments for public sector workers but in private new ways of working should be embraced


I think working from home most of the time is fundamentally flawed and damages productivity. It’s ok for most people in limited bursts and for a smaller number most of the time but for many it’s an easy way to lose focus and do not much. Also collaboration with colleagues works better when you’re in the same location together even though teams and zoom are useful tools.

Just my opinion but somewhat born from life experience.


It depends what you’re doing. I find it far easier to get shit done sat on my own in silence for 3 hours rather than being surrounded by noisy cunts in an office.

WFH is by far the easiest move to get levelling up done across the country.


It depends on the job and on the person. My productivity skyrockets when I can work in my underpants and listen to Lamb of God at unhealthy levels :slight_smile:


As a man who’s introverted af and hates most people, I would LOVE to WFH


Learn to code. It’s a guaranteed WFH career :slight_smile:

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I genuinely don’t ever need to go back into the office again. Very few people do where I work and we get a lot done, we’re always hitting targets and we have plenty of collaborative work that gets done to a high standard.

I think for most office jobs, you can easily do four days at home, with one day together at the office to catch up and talk shop.

During lockdown we started a Discord server, and it ended up a far more social experience than being in the office itself.


Those people holding the coffin obviously as bad as those beating them.


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You know how is mate they’re clearly antagonising they Israeli forces by carrying of the coffin of a slain journalist and waving of their flag


Any recommended courses? IT is always something that has interested and I do have a bit of experience in it