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The pro gun side of almost any argument these days is frankly pathetic and mind numbingly flawed. I don’t understand how people are still debating it or letting this shit be heard like it’s a legitimate stance to have.

In a pro gun world where’s the easiest place to find a gun for a kid? On your teacher’s hip. That’s where it’d have to be to stop an attack. If it’s locked up in a basement somewhere you aren’t preventing shit.

And then of course you have to recruit teachers happy to use guns and willing to shoot children. I mean how fucked up can you get thinking this is how society should be?


Pro gun peeps have come up with ‘crisis actors’
I can’t…



It’s utterly sickening how Trump sat there in that televised PR exercise paying lip service to all the victims, the NRA sat in the background safe in the knowledge they’ve got their interests protected in the long term


Yup, in this country we have designated First Aid people in the workplace, in Trump’s America perhaps they’ll have the designated firearms ready schoolteacher, perhaps they can put it on their CV


I love how the high school kids took that ridiculous notion in the chin.

The cunts over at the cunt cunt news network of course asked them but one of them said, 'if you seen me act in the school play then you’d never believe that’s

Laughed it off.

These are some very impressive high schoolers and I hope this generation does some awesome things in the future.


Really think other western nations, like the United Kingdom, like Spain, have the duty to openly mock, deride, and not engage with the U.S. as a result of their policies (and their president).

Because they (and he) are just not things that can be taken seriously. Any semblance of intelligence demands that they be mocked and derided and not taken the least bit seriously.

But that’s not how the world works, you/we are the US’ bitches, and just pray the aliens don’t find us with Trump at the helm and these kind of downright fucking stupid policies in place in the most powerful country on our planet.


Violence in London is truly sickening. Drastic measures needed


The gun thing in america isn’t simple. And it’s also not completely the NRA. Sure the NRA make it difficult to pass legislature, but I think what many outsiders don’t understand is that owning and using a gun is a huge cultural thing here in the states. The people who are passionate about owning fire arms outnumber the people that are passionate about gun control by a large margin. Momentum is changing a bit with all these insane shootings, but not enough sadly.


If laws are passed and gun ownership becomes not so normal that culture will begin to change. It has to start somewhere and an immediate ban on assault weapons and ammo seems as good a place as any to me. I know there are still plenty of lunatics out there with stockpiles so that doesn’t immediately solve the problem. Stopping this happening is far from simple, beginning the process of trying to ensure it doesn’t is.


Hard to change over 300 years of culture though


But not impossible. So they need to start trying.


Making the entire county go cold turkey essentially on ‘assault weapons’ is a very bad place to start. Will cause alot more problems than solve


Unrealistic, cmon lol. Republicans control the Senate. Republicans control the house. Republicans, ya know the gun toting, NASCAR loving southerners? Ever heard off them? Those are the people running things in this country. You honestly think it’s realistic that those politicians are going to give a big fuck you to their constituents and pass legislature contradicting the very platforms that got them elected? Ermm ok…


You’re talking about culture. I’m saying there are ways to change the culture. I absolutely don’t think it will happen. But it fucking should.

How might this graph have looked if the 94 ban had been permanent?


Assault weapons, or weapons in general, are not an addictive substance. Millions of people all over the world live happily without one and you can take a gun away from someone without fear of physiological repercussions.

Making the entire country go cold turkey on assault weapons is precisely the place to start. And that should only be the start.

Is it? Spain was a beacon of catholicism for much more than 300 years, but post Franco it didn’t take long for this to become a rather liberal nation…300 years isn’t that much history tbh, in the great scheme of things, and it’s arguable how embedded owning a gun is into that history, guns–and especially this whole obsession with absurd weapons that no civilian has any use for whatsofuckingever–became a much bigger deal in the U.S. since the dawn of the NRA.

The NRA and the fucking ridiculous Republican party have done a lot of good work manipulating people into thinking things that literally make zero fucking sense when you break them down. How many years of history is there behind shaming and marginalising gays? Much more than 300 surely. How fast did that change? Culture can change much much faster than people think. It just takes the willingness and the education to move people from illogical views to logical ones. A willingness that is clearly absent in the powers that be in the US.


Good luck making them go ‘cold turkey’. You’d start a second Civil War.


Between who?


Bullshit. The American government has done far more risky (and irresponsible) things without starting a second civil war. People overestimate how much turmoil people are willing to stomach. In the end people will always choose–or that is, are programmed genetically–to avoid conflict/potential bodily harm over conflict. People said the same about a civil war between Spain and Cataluña just a few months ago. News flash, it’s not happening. Any casualties that might arise from such logical legislation would probably be about 1/100,000th of what happens from preventable shootings in the U.S. It’s easily, easily worth the risk. Anyways, the first step would be to disassemble bodies like the NRA that are openly manipulating a very manipulatable section of the public, change the stance of Republican lawmakers which are doing the same accordingly, etc. The drastic changes/gains made re: the public view of gays, or feminism, is a good blueprint come to think of it. As always nowadays, the hard work is to be done in the information area.

It’s entirely plausible and those who deny it are just apologists who have been duped by the facile republican rhetoric.


This is a way too Idealistic and simplistic view which pretty much ignores how engrained gun culture is throughout the US.

There’s definitely a psychological dependancy millions of US citizens have to Assault weapons. It’s basis stems from historical rights (2nd Amendment) and daily needs (the need to protect oneself and loved onea). They will never accept a total ban.

Let’s say for instance there was nationwide ban on ‘Assault weapons’ tomorrow, it’s obvious this would not be a smooth process to enforce and would be met with considerable resistance. You would end up with a war on Guns which would result in multiple detrimental repercussions which did more harm than good

The smarter way to legislate for this issue is to gradually adopt, over a period of years, common sense gun laws. Etc additional background checks, permits, testing and so on

The USA is a very unique place, your view is too idealistic