The General News Thread


You’ve just had an earthquake in the bath?

Is that a euphemism? :grinning:


Lol wonder how big it was. Mexico City just had another 7.5 quake yesterday, scary af.


Ours was about 4.4, which counts as fairly sizeable for the Uk. A once per decade sort of occurrence


Yeah 4.4, was felt from Liverpool down to Bournemouth!




My mate and his girlfriend felt it down in Bournemouth SO FUCK YOU YOU MOTHERFUCKING EARTHQUAKE DENYING FUCK




Feel bad for all those zero hour contract employees who are being fucked over here.


Now this is an event that has sent shockwaves as far as Bournemouth.



Seriously? People need KFC like it is some sorta emergency, what are they putting in that chicken which is damaging peoples brains to this degree?!! :cech:

In canada they nickname KFC dirty bird, i think that is all you need to know.


I don’t know if anyone else has seen this, but with recent events it might be worth watching again.


That’s nuts haha

Can’t believe porn and lottery tickets are totally fucking off the cards but a rifle is ok lol

Edit: then again it’s only a .22 and not an AR-15 or AK-47 so the guy probably thought he was just going to go out and shoot birds or something like any normal 13 year old in the south would (:wink:) but it’s definitely about the principle of it being a weapon that could be used for lethal means. But no-one’s committing a mass school shooting with a bolt-action .22 rifle.

Now if he had sold him some serious hardware like a 9mm glock or an AR-15 or something THAT would be even more fucked in the head.


This rubbish westerners consume is part of your obesity crisis. When l watch American news lm shocked at many fat/unhealthy people are. What is a bargain bucket but doctored unnatural fat saturated death sentence.
Raise your own chicken , let it graze,
take it’s head when time is right. Eat and enjoy
Karanga live to 55 but if health service then add 30. We can chase the Hare even in our 60s .


KFC is better


To be fair, he didn’t go to a store to purchase a gun like he did with beer, magazine & cigarettes.


Grimising reading this. Ouch




God that’s a horrible story

Great Anglia Abelio is a pretty shit service all round to be honest.


So Trump’s solution is to arm teachers in schools :smile: