The General News Thread


You are oh so very wrong.

And I haven’t even started on the GOP tax plan. Because it’s a fucking tangled mess that ultimately ends up giving me ulcers before I get to the bottom of it.


I used to think like you. I laughed my way through Dubya. 8 years of that shit and I never lost my sense of humor. You can make all the jokes you want. I’m done laughing.

I’m just speaking my mind. I think you shouldn’t expect everyone to react like you do. Doesn’t mean I’m having a go at you. I’m just speaking my mind. You make jokes. I do angry rants. No love lost Jakey… You’re still a sexy motherfucker in my book.


The one thing to cling to re: Trump and the harm he’s doing to progressive climate policy is that he’ll be out by the time the US officially leaves the Paris Accord in 3 years time and the Democrat that follows him will have a much quicker time of it reengaging with the process. Who said red tape was a bad thing? :speak_no_evil:


I’m not saying he’s a good President, but Obama did really shitty things too. But because he was sophisticated and suave, we look back on him fondly.

Considering the damage people thought Trump would do, he’s been very quiet on legislature.


How many more times America? Change your stupid gun amendment


19 school shooting in 2018 as per BBC radio.

And it is just Mid Feb.

I hope the dead children were offspring of pro gun peeps.


That’s uncalled for.


wow what a shitty thing to say there.


Don’t regret it.


You will if you say anything like it again.


I think I found a pro gun person.


got nothing to do with it you putz, its more to do with thinking its ok for someones kids to die because of what their parents side with as regards gun views in america.


Or possibly you just posted something with such utter moral bankruptcy that regardless of where someone stands on the issue of gun control, they could not fail to be disgusted by what you’ve said.


lol I don’t think you did


TBF hundreds maybe thousands of innocent children are going to continue to be shot at school until the day it happens to someone important. Given american voters and american leaders refuse to acknowledge the size of tragedies happening on a yearly basis. I think its hard to see any change happening at all until the day it hits TOO close to home.

PS. Ive had more then a few tonight.


Like a congressman or congresswoman?


Deluded fucks the lot of them. (Both still alive and kicking),

I honestly cant even describe how much your country pisses me off. Like imagine living in a country where your child can get blown to pieces by a legally bought AR15 assault rifle whilst at school and think theres nothing that can(should) be done.


What makes me laugh is this is a country spending billions on counter terrorism which I assume is to stop incidents like this happening. If something like this was done once under an ISIS flag you can bet all right wingers would be demanding something be done about it right now this evil must be stopped, but when it’s done in the name of miserable white kid then it’s just a sad mental health issue that we’ll forget about.


You paint with an awfully broad brush, my friend.


A broad brush is an accurate way to describe the geographical location of mass shootings in america to be fair.